The Foil

The foil  thin and transparent

  could be seen through  being apparent

having a silvery shine and glow

the tenacity it has in a flow

could hold all things in one go

be it heavy, light, mild or sticky in row

never giving out its content

closely holding them with intent

an easy  pack to carry in hand

essentially disposable when thrown in sand

that is what we human do unmindful

discarding that has served us in full

never a thought crosses and holds back

down it goes into the drain  all into the track

clogging the outlets thick and stock

that has taken me away from the talk

about the foil in the regular run

it is always my way not in fun

coming back to the topic in short

have to conclude thus in a  bought tin-foil

the foil though being very meagre in merit

has a lot to be sung to its credit.



The Guile And Fascination

With the momentum picking up

there had been a  prop up

with things being pushed up

coming into limelight in course

appearing as if not brought by force

getting aware of the source

got to know the way it being done

going stealthily in the run

appropriating a great fun

in reality it was an affair  of creation

that was viewed with  great relation

apparently an issue of fascination

leading one to another

beating with a  manipulation under

that be their goal in tender

being achieved in style

while the world remains out of  dial

that is how people go about in guile.images (33)