Music Makes Me Mad

Listening to music keeps me fine

taking the tense away  with a shine

as I lend my ears to every line

my heart goes out to the words  in nine

leading me to forget to dine

as I throw my soul into it  in a bind

not knowing what is happening  in a wind

I sit totally enraptured and become blind

not literally but metaphorically   in hind

with a throb and an advance in kind

I lose myself to the nuances of music

as I revel and rejoice  in its delicious mystic.Ravi Shankar dies at 92






I Am Equal To A Rubbish

It has been a day of confrontation

not one of great importance

but one of great nuisance

with the in fight among the servants

one blaming the other over dominance

one accusing the other of authority

bringing in a commotion chaotic

know not how to control the trouble-shooter

as he being  the chef getting taller

for that very reason and  culinary skill

treating the rest with disdain by shouting shrill

every day dawns with a plight and noise

I have to deal with that having no choice

with an added out burst of temper from the master

who butts in with a least knowledge  but into it faster

blaming  me download (40)for the whole confusion and pandemonium

saying that I am inept in dealing with  these tedium

I stay put blinking widely at the abyss

feeling in a sort of being equal to a rubbish





Grab The Offers

Geller gun diamond offerGrabbing the offers

filling the coffers

has been in light

though with a foresight

many go with a caution

not taken away by emotion

they do express thrift

not enamoured by the gift

applying a measure modest

going  with a practice hardest

resisting the temptation

restraining the directions

that lead to a buy out

not thinking about the  fall out

which is the result of such offers

finally emptying the coffers