An Irrelevant Man

A man out there
with a sonorous voice
cries foul awful with a glare
revelling in immense rejoice.

He alleges and accuses
what not and what for
tracing faults in every cause
assuring a progress not far.

He bursts out with a craze
over simple things all the more
his eyes are on a chase
knocking everything with a roar.

Never once he speaks less nor low
always on the top and high
taking the upper hand not in the go
but demanding all in a buy.

That be him in all relevance
aligning with him is not worthy
going with him is always a nuisance
as he is up with a game dirty.





I Am Equal To A Rubbish

It has been a day of confrontation

not one of great importance

but one of great nuisance

with the in fight among the servants

one blaming the other over dominance

one accusing the other of authority

bringing in a commotion chaotic

know not how to control the trouble-shooter

as he being  the chef getting taller

for that very reason and  culinary skill

treating the rest with disdain by shouting shrill

every day dawns with a plight and noise

I have to deal with that having no choice

with an added out burst of temper from the master

who butts in with a least knowledge  but into it faster

blaming  me download (40)for the whole confusion and pandemonium

saying that I am inept in dealing with  these tedium

I stay put blinking widely at the abyss

feeling in a sort of being equal to a rubbish




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Know Not Him.

He is known for irrelevance,

as he  talks full nonsense.

He destroys valid reference,

as he  records his own inference.

He manipulates on preference.

as he  commands no reverence.

He speaks not with evidence.

as he relates to abnormal incidence.

He is a man with no sense.

He absorbs no substance,

but  releases vengeance.

Keep him in abeyance.

As he is  a certain nuisance. 






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The Fly Flies

A small creature creates an irritation,

 brings in a bothersome distraction,

inflicts a rare delusion,

leaves a nagging sensation.


It goes round the eyes,

perches itself over the nose,

sits on the cheeks like a dice,

hovers over the mouth in quick tries.


Driving it away poses a strain

getting rid of it is a gain,

Now is the time to tell you the main,

it is the common fly in its deign