Far East

Far eastern in a sense

could be one of tradition

might  be a term dense

as east seems to have reason

aligned to  orthodoxy

family values range high

never could  locate a proxy

one could decipher a sigh

all the same in a  peripherafar east..pngl way

where one detect simplicity in play

bereft of ostentation  and  deceit

modesty overwhelms conceit

east sees the sun  at the earliest

the west outsmarts the east in the test.





Great You Are

Great you are
as you stand in par
though little afar.great


An Irrelevant Man

A man out there
with a sonorous voice
cries foul awful with a glare
revelling in immense rejoice.

He alleges and accuses
what not and what for
tracing faults in every cause
assuring a progress not far.

He bursts out with a craze
over simple things all the more
his eyes are on a chase
knocking everything with a roar.

Never once he speaks less nor low
always on the top and high
taking the upper hand not in the go
but demanding all in a buy.

That be him in all relevance
aligning with him is not worthy
going with him is always a nuisance
as he is up with a game dirty.





Inventions All Around.

inventions  take us far

crossing all the bars

away they go afar

reaching the shores with care.


Inventions are too many

as to hold them any

they vouch  for a penny

extending their uses in trendy.


Inventions  hold the sway

as  they cross all ways

with an emphatic say

leaving all  comfortably   gay.


Inventions  do claim

pros and cons without blame

exposing the defects not in shame

finally ending up with fame.images (20)








An Expectation Far And Near.

Being in the final stages
for reasons very silly
almost waited for ages
going with a case seriously
where got up and forth
then went down and deep
for nothing at all in worth
spending much from the keep
both time and money not less
heading no where in a speed
finally settling none the less.
The issue being modest and moderate
but the build up was fastidious
making one believe that at the rate
it would be a win for the dubious
yet constantly kept on challenging
with the hope of winning.
As the results are drawing close
hope to achieve what I chose