Godman Dubious

There be a man 

who talks irrelevance

thinks he speaks relevance.


He has practised this cult  for long aaggg-300x0

speaking unnecessary

at the most unwanted time.


He talks about religion

while he could not spell

the very word.


He is a not in-depth

be that anything

talk or act.


He talks all the time

all the way to all people.

irrespective of anybody listening.


That be his genre

a not so matured in mind

not understands the essence.


Having lived so long

he feels he is great

but has become a laughing-stock.


People giggle and sneer at him

saying he is  another  god-man  dubious

clad in robes plain.




Orders Of Courts

Orders of Courts are for a follow
Not designed as anything to swallow.
How many orders are being carried out?
Does the Courts get the details about?

Orders Of Courts have become shallow
Much prescribed from the hollow.
Holding no value or merit in the run
Set aside for convenience mostly shunned.

Orders Of Courts are read out by judges
subsequently signed by them without smudges.
The orders remain orders for months
namesake sealing the time as one month.

The judges and Courts care no more.
The involved lawyers get away from the core.
The Plaintiff stretches and drags the execution.
The Defendant fumes and sags over the detention.

What are courts for I know not?
What do judges do I know not?
Judges preside over Courts not seriously
Courts and judges behave dubiously.court room


An Expectation Far And Near.

Being in the final stages
for reasons very silly
almost waited for ages
going with a case seriously
where got up and forth
then went down and deep
for nothing at all in worth
spending much from the keep
both time and money not less
heading no where in a speed
finally settling none the less.
The issue being modest and moderate
but the build up was fastidious
making one believe that at the rate
it would be a win for the dubious
yet constantly kept on challenging
with the hope of winning.
As the results are drawing close
hope to achieve what I chose


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The Content of Smile

Smile is a weapon many know not,

It is a defence many know not,

It may be dubious many know not,

It may be ambiguous many know not,

It may be coy many know not,

It may hide sadness many know not,

It may be forced many know not,

It may be a retort many know not,

It may be jittery many know not,

It may fool at times many know not,

It may be romance many know not,

Yet smile radiates  a genial feel which all know.