cheat confession. Poetry siblings

A Confession Unexpected.

Is_7_vc7_h4-text-img-text_vc7_h4-text-img-text-03_0_vc7_img-01t is a confession more or less

it is a swear on God nevertheless

says a brother to others around

has not  cheated  his sibling in  any round.

Does it not sound meek or  a tone down?

I deliberate with a frown.

Why this change of mind so sudden?

is it a the release of the burden?

As I go with such thoughts

remember how they fought

not so much in the younger days

much in their fifties in continuous  stays

not face to face as you would assume

in courts  beyond any presume

day after day, month after month

their lawyers argued  in full mouth

with the compromise arrived

a consent order derived

nothing still executed  for long

comes these words   not very strong

a swear on the almighty

with no real faith entirely.


The Oscillations

Going back and front for convenience 

going through all sides easily

proclaim a dilemma.


Decisions once taken  good or bad

have to be adhered  strictly

be  it at any cost.


Long deliberations whatsoever

bring on confusions forever

delivering a fall out.


These happen everywhere

be it in courts or arbitrations

throwing justice out.


Buying through all these ideas

gets along with a falsification

which bring not a fair deal.


Oscillations do not work

just shake the fundamentals

procrastinating the whole oscillations (1)




The Court Of Law

To become a judge
men pay money nowadays
with that how  do you expect?
law and legal  candidly

A man who pays high
becomes a judge with aplomb
using his high office
with an eye on money

Gets he millions  at the back of his chair
multifold of what he has paid  to occupy
where do you expect?
law and justice in the frame.

Seeking recommendation  from the powerful
he deigns the robe of justice
succumbs to the vile practices
was he has to gift  handsome rewards.

That which he spends  to acquire
has to come back to him in his tenure
the vehicle being his office  of a judge
he makes a lot  more than what he could

That being so in all circumstances
then where do you expect?
impartial judgement in the court
which turns into a commercial hub.

Court of Law is a sanctum
where there lives the justice
which has to be put in high security
without getting exposed to  the guile of currency  


The Consent Order

consent order 480wThe consent being given
the order being drafted
the draft being signed
the original being sealed
that too in a court of justice
months later there be a rise
there be a call for amendment
going back on every clause
saying this and that
attributing various factors
that escaped by oversight
appears so cheap and deceitful
they are not men in real frame
being chicken-hearted not to be so
they be not right-minded beings
they be not righteous and even minded
their reaction could be termed as
fickle and unfaithful, heinous. and shameful.



Long Live The Plaintiffs

Filing a case in court

fighting for a cause in terms

not bothered about the just and unjust

pushing  the facts and figures back

going ahead with their own agenda

finally getting the verdict

that comes in a form of settlement

signed by both parties with consent

the plaintiff and defendant  agreeing to terms

the judge specifying  the time frame

and stipulating the conditions to be fulfilled

the plaintiffs drag the settlement for months

download (38)be it either because of their ignorance

or be it due to their inefficiency

the defendant stands lost in the wilderness

with the Judge and the lawyers

accompanying him in his sail over nothingness.






Court Orders Hold No Merit.

The dallying continues for long

The decision gets postponed endlessly.

Rather it being not a decision in the wrong

it being a resolution emanating from the court originally

briefly referred to as court order  in short.


The plaintiffs filing the case

with the defendant fighting it out

while they do not see face  to face

except in the portals of the court

the order pronounced is still hanging.



Not knowing what to do  further

the plaintiffs  blink at each other

while the defendant keeps his fingers crossed

the lawyers add up to their coffers once again in gross

the expense mounting piling up one above the other.


The court stands dumb  and mute

The Judge relaxes in his chamber

while the lawyers act cute

the vying parties  go on with a  murmur

as usual the defendant is in the lurch.



Having experienced  this postponement for long

I sit amused  and keep winking

laughing at the plaintiffs ignorance

and their motto of filing the case

pitying the defendant greatly.court order












Cases And Caveats.

Filing  cases and caveats

fighting in courts and elsewhere 

might be jealousy in a deviate

yet might succumb to pressure

with one trying to overlap the other

not on grounds of merit or credit

but to swindle and hoard

and cheat the other

with that being the motive

the run of deceit and deprive

get along without respite

accusations and allegations

grow to a stock level

pushing them to court

seeking remedy with an expense

that could otherwise be sorted

with much conducive conclusion

if at all they be just and eager

preferring to settle with an auger

conserving energy and money.’

Not being the case anymore

courts gain greatly in the turmoil

with the solicitors bagging profits

charging every hour of their appearance

monetizing every letter they mail

with accrual on every word they speak

while the estates spend the money

the barristers litigationmock-up revenue

becoming rich and wealthy

as the estate turns weak and thin.









Orders Of Courts

Orders of Courts are for a follow
Not designed as anything to swallow.
How many orders are being carried out?
Does the Courts get the details about?

Orders Of Courts have become shallow
Much prescribed from the hollow.
Holding no value or merit in the run
Set aside for convenience mostly shunned.

Orders Of Courts are read out by judges
subsequently signed by them without smudges.
The orders remain orders for months
namesake sealing the time as one month.

The judges and Courts care no more.
The involved lawyers get away from the core.
The Plaintiff stretches and drags the execution.
The Defendant fumes and sags over the detention.

What are courts for I know not?
What do judges do I know not?
Judges preside over Courts not seriously
Courts and judges behave dubiously.court room