Court Orders Hold No Merit.

The dallying continues for long

The decision gets postponed endlessly.

Rather it being not a decision in the wrong

it being a resolution emanating from the court originally

briefly referred to as court order  in short.


The plaintiffs filing the case

with the defendant fighting it out

while they do not see face  to face

except in the portals of the court

the order pronounced is still hanging.



Not knowing what to do  further

the plaintiffs  blink at each other

while the defendant keeps his fingers crossed

the lawyers add up to their coffers once again in gross

the expense mounting piling up one above the other.


The court stands dumb  and mute

The Judge relaxes in his chamber

while the lawyers act cute

the vying parties  go on with a  murmur

as usual the defendant is in the lurch.



Having experienced  this postponement for long

I sit amused  and keep winking

laughing at the plaintiffs ignorance

and their motto of filing the case

pitying the defendant greatly.court order












Trial in Courts.

Courts are assembling place.
Lawyers high and low gather.
Judges sit in a high place.
with great pride rather.
The lawyers make a fuss.
Telling one thing to their clients
Doing another in a feigned stress.
Judges come with determined inclines.
The trials are conducted in farce.
A make-believe effect is on the go.
The judge pretends to listen.
The lawyers cross-examine for a sake.
The plaintiffs get their expectations.
The defendants angered at the fake
go in for fresh applications.
The lower court gets it completed .
The ordeal continues in the higher courts
The loser then goes to the highest
The case find no end in all courts
unless the parties conclude in the earliest
it would drag on for years and years
consuming the life-time of the challengers.
It is not unusual that those who areCDN-editorial-cartoon-06172011 wrong get credited
the losers are always the just.
That is justice in a nut shell.
This is not an experience personal
but a study of cases in general.