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A Confession Unexpected.

Is_7_vc7_h4-text-img-text_vc7_h4-text-img-text-03_0_vc7_img-01t is a confession more or less

it is a swear on God nevertheless

says a brother to others around

has not  cheated  his sibling in  any round.

Does it not sound meek or  a tone down?

I deliberate with a frown.

Why this change of mind so sudden?

is it a the release of the burden?

As I go with such thoughts

remember how they fought

not so much in the younger days

much in their fifties in continuous  stays

not face to face as you would assume

in courts  beyond any presume

day after day, month after month

their lawyers argued  in full mouth

with the compromise arrived

a consent order derived

nothing still executed  for long

comes these words   not very strong

a swear on the almighty

with no real faith entirely.


Cases And Caveats.

Filing  cases and caveats

fighting in courts and elsewhere 

might be jealousy in a deviate

yet might succumb to pressure

with one trying to overlap the other

not on grounds of merit or credit

but to swindle and hoard

and cheat the other

with that being the motive

the run of deceit and deprive

get along without respite

accusations and allegations

grow to a stock level

pushing them to court

seeking remedy with an expense

that could otherwise be sorted

with much conducive conclusion

if at all they be just and eager

preferring to settle with an auger

conserving energy and money.’

Not being the case anymore

courts gain greatly in the turmoil

with the solicitors bagging profits

charging every hour of their appearance

monetizing every letter they mail

with accrual on every word they speak

while the estates spend the money

the barristers litigationmock-up revenue

becoming rich and wealthy

as the estate turns weak and thin.








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Perfidious Lawyers-“May Your Tribe Increase”

Every legal case is different.

As it has no precedent.

It may differ in degree  macro or micro.

It might have merit or demerit although.


Judgments  are independent.

Not clasped by averment.

Justice  has to uphold truth.

 Not  to downgrade truth.


Counsels have to study the case sheets  deep.

Not act shoddily  as though  half asleep.

A sound knowledge of law is a must.

To fight the case when put to test.


Each case is a new edict.

Never rely on the previous verdict.

Each one has twist and turn.

Review it  sincerely without a spurn.


 Remember, the client is your King.

Never you could  become  a King.

He, who pays you is atop.

You, who receives should never flop.


Never try to override him.

If so, you are deceiving him.

He would strike you hard.

And bash you without any regard.


Rude gestures would run you out.

Impolite words would throw you out.

Arrogance would doom you forever.

Authority would shun you more so ever.


Insecurity in profession drags you perhaps,

Lack of confidence in your ability draws  you perhaps,

A hurried escape might be your requirement perhaps.

An express exit from the situation might be your motive perhaps.


Desirous of earning more and more is your goal.

Greed has seized your complacency in a toll.

An attempt to betray the client is highly contemptuous.

Surely, all lawyers, with no exception are perfidious