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Perfidious Lawyers-“May Your Tribe Increase”

Every legal case is different.

As it has no precedent.

It may differ in degree  macro or micro.

It might have merit or demerit although.


Judgments  are independent.

Not clasped by averment.

Justice  has to uphold truth.

 Not  to downgrade truth.


Counsels have to study the case sheets  deep.

Not act shoddily  as though  half asleep.

A sound knowledge of law is a must.

To fight the case when put to test.


Each case is a new edict.

Never rely on the previous verdict.

Each one has twist and turn.

Review it  sincerely without a spurn.


 Remember, the client is your King.

Never you could  become  a King.

He, who pays you is atop.

You, who receives should never flop.


Never try to override him.

If so, you are deceiving him.

He would strike you hard.

And bash you without any regard.


Rude gestures would run you out.

Impolite words would throw you out.

Arrogance would doom you forever.

Authority would shun you more so ever.


Insecurity in profession drags you perhaps,

Lack of confidence in your ability draws  you perhaps,

A hurried escape might be your requirement perhaps.

An express exit from the situation might be your motive perhaps.


Desirous of earning more and more is your goal.

Greed has seized your complacency in a toll.

An attempt to betray the client is highly contemptuous.

Surely, all lawyers, with no exception are perfidious

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Amused And Bemused.

 I was amused and bemused at the same time.The two verbs may appear similar , but certainly carry a distinctive meaning. Amusement is  a distraction, is a light pastime, is an entertainment. More so , it is something frivolous and funny

Bemused is a confusion of many contradictory ideas,  is a mixed up feeling ,is a bewilderment,. More so , it is something perplexing and stunning. Well, the incident which provoked the kindred feelings of  foolishness and cluelessness is the behaviour of   my legal counsels .  I say it in plural   legal counsels, because I refer to two of them , one fromIndia and  the other from  abroad. Both of them , in my case preached what they did not practise.

The Indian lawyer  has a wide and deep knowledge , but shows a high handedness in dealing with his clients. He dislikes  queries. He requires a thorough submission to his arguments. Doubts or queries are totally out of context in his directions. He  affirms a preordained solution to the case he is going to take up, and prepares his points accordingly. The client, a person with a sort of deep analysis of the circumstances, more so like me , cannot be a dumb spectator to his fancies. He , when  faced with a little opposition , looses his temper which   is truly a sign of intolerance and a significance of pride. The case ,which he argued got a slight beating . He was ruffled by the judge’s rejoinder. This  episode provoked me most. An uncanny negligence to the client’ request was an irritating approach. it certainly bemused me. I derived amusment when his child like prattle received a derogatory remark by the learned Judge.

His counterpart abroad, is a senior counsel, mostly handling cases pertaining to property disputes. The clintele of this worldy wise lawyer are a group of Indians , who have faith in his age than  inhis wisdom. This group relied on his peculiar concept of settling the dispute on the basis of  majority  rather than on the  fundamentals   of merit.To him majority is a gospel . Merit is secondary. His hypothesis runs lik this. if in a family , which has four siblings, and if three of them conjoin together , with disturbing parameters , with non con firming ethics ,the lone fourth man is out of the game, however much his  side be thronged with  credits and  propound a collective justifiable issues. The three siblings , would have combined  for reasons best known to them . The learned lawyer,  stoops to the level of the majority, just because he can  earn a relevant  revenue .  This counsel is a butt of amusement , as he plays on the fiddle of ignorance of his clients and keeps his coffers full, and is a source of bemusement ,  as his impressions and movements   predict confusion and lack justice.

Politics is the last reort of scoundrels , goes the maxim. What about lawyers?