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Two Little Birds On A Tree.

Two little birds perched on the tree
squeaking and tweeting all the time
nothing to frighten the to a flee
spent the morn happily with good chimes.

Their happiness continued till the noon
when suddenly a thunder struck with a loud sound
The little birds shivered in fright and swooned
and there was a great downpourtwo-little-birds all around.

Short while after the little ones revived
Shrugging their feathers of the moisture
they still hung close to their hive
looking down at the land below in discomfiture.

To their horror found a monkey climbing over
quivering they tried to fly down with effort
Once they got down they went in a hover
to a nearby tree expecting a good support.

Whether they found themselves secure or not is not our look out?
Wherever we turn the theory of the survival of the fittest is in the run.
Restricting not only man but also birds and animals all in the way out
Power, strength, money and greed play the fixtures taking turns.

The Beast in Man.


Goodness in you,

If turned away

If pushed below,

Capacitates the beast in you.


Kindness in you,

If  tossed away,

If rejected  through,

Enables the beast in you.


Love in you,

If deviated away,

If blown blue,

Enforces the beast in you.


Mercy in you,

If   diverted away,

If bade adieu,

Evolves the beast in You.


The beatitude in you.

If  held in sway,

If  expressed true,

Preserves the angel in you.


Right to Information

An interesting thread which is going around the financials zone is the insider trading. Raj Rajaratnam has amassed wealth through this tip of .

He made $9 million dollars based on Google Inc’s earning expectation in 2007. He traded on the insider tip-off that the revenue would be below the expectation.

The probe in Galleon case is expanding ,as the Federal prosecutors have sent subpoena to a former employee of  SAC capital advisors. It seeks trading records from Richard Grodin, who let SAC in 2004.

The news is bewildering and sends wrong signals across the world of investments.The Right to information act has to be made use of in a forceful manner to get the truth out of the insider information  trading.

A small time investor ,who follows the market, who reads the reports, who testifies on the PE ratio, who  then invests in a particular stock , is deprived of his fortune  by this dubious , daring , hedge fund managers.

Concluding, it is always the innocent and upright who face the music.

Where to find the truth behind this non public information?

How to trace out the fact behind the insider tip of?


Amused And Bemused.

 I was amused and bemused at the same time.The two verbs may appear similar , but certainly carry a distinctive meaning. Amusement is  a distraction, is a light pastime, is an entertainment. More so , it is something frivolous and funny

Bemused is a confusion of many contradictory ideas,  is a mixed up feeling ,is a bewilderment,. More so , it is something perplexing and stunning. Well, the incident which provoked the kindred feelings of  foolishness and cluelessness is the behaviour of   my legal counsels .  I say it in plural   legal counsels, because I refer to two of them , one fromIndia and  the other from  abroad. Both of them , in my case preached what they did not practise.

The Indian lawyer  has a wide and deep knowledge , but shows a high handedness in dealing with his clients. He dislikes  queries. He requires a thorough submission to his arguments. Doubts or queries are totally out of context in his directions. He  affirms a preordained solution to the case he is going to take up, and prepares his points accordingly. The client, a person with a sort of deep analysis of the circumstances, more so like me , cannot be a dumb spectator to his fancies. He , when  faced with a little opposition , looses his temper which   is truly a sign of intolerance and a significance of pride. The case ,which he argued got a slight beating . He was ruffled by the judge’s rejoinder. This  episode provoked me most. An uncanny negligence to the client’ request was an irritating approach. it certainly bemused me. I derived amusment when his child like prattle received a derogatory remark by the learned Judge.

His counterpart abroad, is a senior counsel, mostly handling cases pertaining to property disputes. The clintele of this worldy wise lawyer are a group of Indians , who have faith in his age than  inhis wisdom. This group relied on his peculiar concept of settling the dispute on the basis of  majority  rather than on the  fundamentals   of merit.To him majority is a gospel . Merit is secondary. His hypothesis runs lik this. if in a family , which has four siblings, and if three of them conjoin together , with disturbing parameters , with non con firming ethics ,the lone fourth man is out of the game, however much his  side be thronged with  credits and  propound a collective justifiable issues. The three siblings , would have combined  for reasons best known to them . The learned lawyer,  stoops to the level of the majority, just because he can  earn a relevant  revenue .  This counsel is a butt of amusement , as he plays on the fiddle of ignorance of his clients and keeps his coffers full, and is a source of bemusement ,  as his impressions and movements   predict confusion and lack justice.

Politics is the last reort of scoundrels , goes the maxim. What about lawyers?

Something -Indian Definition

Something  is a common word used by all of us to denote a relative term, an unidentified product, an experience that calls for no attention,a feeling that cannot be described, an incident that is unimportant and finally a feigned connotation for an idea that is beyond comprehension.The Indian definition of this simple is entirely different from the dictionary meaning.  The word itself gets an  absolutely  varied hue and complex design that is beyond comprehension.

Well, coming to the point, “something “is nothing but the extras  that is linked with accomplishments. To put it more clearly, it is a bargain behind the scene, an underhand transaction , an under the table dealing.This “something” enables a free smooth passage to a conclusiion of tasks in the government  offices. It expediates the passing of papers and approval of projects in banks and financial institutions. It snatches an admission in an educational institution of repute, leaving the meritorious in poor shape.It also facilitates procuring a ticket in the trains, which is the most popular mode of transport in India. It provides an easy entry into the temples . Worshipping the Lord is also not spared by this “something”. The more ‘something’ , you give the proximity to God  becomes close.The judiciary , also succumbs to this defiend “something”The more you part with the more you gain . This is the simple hypothesis , the Indians, the Indian Government, the Indian bureaucracy, the Indian education system , the Indian financial set up, and the religious  departments adopt.

It looks funny. It seems to be amusing . It is intangible. It is a practice that is followed all throughout the country in great unanimity. The ancient country , known for its rich culture, enviable heritage, and a land of hundreds of languages, varied religions, Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Jains, and Buddhists, with a  thoroughbred caste system , and with extreme dissimilarity in customs and culture, is virtually unified in accepting “something “to make things work. It is blatant bribery in pretension. It is a blackmark  to the Indian governance. It is equally a deridingsymptom that should be eschewed by the Indian community. 

The cry may seem to be out of box thought. It may appear insensible and ridiculous . It may designate an unappealing enumeration. But it has to be deployed to enrich the credibility  of the country


I- Random Check

Born as a child to someone,

Referred as  a spouse of someone,

Became a mother to someone,

Upgraded as grandmother by someone,

I know not,

Who am I?



Some call me tough,

Some  speak of me as proud,

Some address me as exact,

Some point  me as different,

I know not ,

What  am I ?


Few feel I am detached,

Few express I am distinct,

Few share I am coy,

Few remark I am invincible,

I know not ,

How I appear?


I stray as I like,

I work as I wish,

I   think as I believe

I conclude as I decide.

I know not ,

Where I go?


I seldom gossip,

I rarely enquire,

I  keenly observe,

I subtly withdraw,

I know not,

When I sleep?

Poetry In Wood

Poetry elucidates the finer feelings. It is an intoxicating form of literature.The emotions take a gush. The sentiments erupt in velocity. The innate strength accrues a formidable presence in this form of art. The liberal fixtures of poetry gives a freedom of expression and an assuaging tempo to the versification. The rhythm ,and the rhyming notes add enchanting notation to poesy.

Recently , I  came across a wooden marvel. It was a set of mother of pearl furniture. It was nothing but grand. It was something but chaste. It was everything ,encompassing glossary of terms that refer to beauty.The charm was exuberant.The inlaid work , depicted  a peacock dancing daintily  unfurling  its feathers.It was arealistic imagery.

Wordsworth entered a trance when he saw  nature in its glory. The green pastures amidst a mountainous background , beneath the soft blue sky , took him in a swayMore or less , I was subjected to such an experience, though in no way I can compare myself with the great Nature poet. The peacock imagery , was supplemented by the flowery ensemble . The flowers were in a golden hue and the stems which held the flowers were in a silvery shine. The  portrayal was so natural , that the mere glimpse of this  enrapturing exhibit made the heart throb with joy. The sleek workmanship, the choice of wood, the graceful presentation  were sufficient to arouse the soul to transcendetal level.The  size of the exhibits were of  exquisite proprtion , neither too massive nor too small. The heavy structure appears  jarring and the tiny one looks appalingly short of natural existence.The dis played set was a blend of  grace, beauty and harmony , poetry is an aesthetic formulation of metre , rhythm and intonation.