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Mystery —–Unassuming It Is.

It is mysterious

very confusing


unable to delineate

impossible to  attribute

clueless and alarming

the happening is frightful

how many adjectives

how much of  feelings

I could add and express

the “mystery” makes me shudder

I could find no reason

the night when it took place

signals a shudder  and a panic

the sound like thunder

emanated from nowhere

the articles on the table

fell down one by one

the ground seemed  to quiver

could hear the footsteps

they came  so close

could not see the figure

the door bell rang  incessantly

I sat there dazed without a move

my eyes  still and my hands frozen

a terrible, horrendous event

turned me into a stone

motionless and terrified

after a few minutes  pause

the noise ceased, the ground was firm

the articles got back in place

normalcy resumed.

a”mystery” has come to an end

knew not from where it startedmystery_by_ellixus-d5tcukf

why did it start?

and how did it end up?

unravelled till this day.

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A Story To Narrate.

jealousyIt is a short sighted indulgence
that overtakes all inference.
It is an overwhelming impertinence
that screws up a naughty interference.

Interference in itself is a scam.
while too much derision is a spam.
Heavy derogation is a shame damn
Calling names is a desolate slam.

Well,that is how the world goes round,
with people expressing remarks beyond the bound.
Involving themselves in deals not profound.
Condemning each and everything without ground.

They look with jaundiced eyes,
seeing yellow in all ties,
They scorn at all buys
clothing them with demeaning lies.

Why they behave so? remains a mystery.
Why they speak so? recalls history.
Why they look so? casts a hoary.
This is so records the story.

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Strange it is.

There was a squeak at  the door.

It was a bird  at the door.

It pecked on  the door.

 It was a rap. rapping  on the door.

The noise, then slowed down to the core.

It looked strange more and more.

The bird stopped tapping at the door.

It moved away from the door.

It then rose up in a soar.

It flew high up in the fore.

It looked familiar more and more.












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Mystery Shrouds.

There was no response to the knock,

The house was  silent and dark,

There was no   move   what so ever,

Enumerating a silence moreover.



Gazing through the window

Saw a  hovering shadow,

Moving stealthily below,

The thundering bellow.




Rains lashed the  roof,

Lightening gave a severe hoof,

There appeared to be a proof ,

Of activity  in  aloof.



The presence of  life was there,

No not why  it bear?

Such a mysterious  fare,

Locking up in a confounded spare.










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An Unspecific Viscosity

There seems to be nothing great. There seems to be nothing happening. There seems to be an unbelievable calmness. Thers seems to be a restricted activity. The economy is in a lull. The governance is in a mechanical rote. The people are in a disorganised   schedule. The essence of living is a mulled , mitigated , and attains a serene endeavour.

Nothing is stable. There is an unprecedented rise in the stock market, one day. The next day witnesses a deep truncated tumble.
The economic policies  are totally without synergy and enthusiasm.
The simulation and stimulation is proceeding , but without any vigour and interest.

Why is the  infliction so deep?Why is the penetration so incisive?Why is the energising viccitiude not overwhelming?Why is the  verification so excessive?

A deliberation and an an apprehension embarks. The cross section of the society is in profound disturbance.  The viscosity  of the terminal investigations is so thick ,that the element of doubt and suspicion often goes hand and hand with everyinfringement and exercise.

As the dominance of suspicion is keeping things  in a desperate frustrration, as the inquisitive mind is peeping into every dense thicketted  succour, the march towards fine evolution of prosperous pulling is thoroughly disappiated .

A sincere work, a genuine re work and a systematic examination should be performed to amalgamate glory and peace.

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I- Random Check

Born as a child to someone,

Referred as  a spouse of someone,

Became a mother to someone,

Upgraded as grandmother by someone,

I know not,

Who am I?



Some call me tough,

Some  speak of me as proud,

Some address me as exact,

Some point  me as different,

I know not ,

What  am I ?


Few feel I am detached,

Few express I am distinct,

Few share I am coy,

Few remark I am invincible,

I know not ,

How I appear?


I stray as I like,

I work as I wish,

I   think as I believe

I conclude as I decide.

I know not ,

Where I go?


I seldom gossip,

I rarely enquire,

I  keenly observe,

I subtly withdraw,

I know not,

When I sleep?


Deep Down .

Deep down the sea,

Deep down the valley.

Deep down the heart,

Lies the unfathomable,

Encompassed by water,

Enlivened by pastures,

Engulfed by  emotions.

It is a crystal blue,

it is a green hue,

It is a greyish clue.

It is a lively resonance.

It is a colourful appearance,

 It is a rejuvenated presence.

Flowing merrily.

Posing majestically.

Reequipping  thoughtfully,

Deep down shrouds the unfathomable.