The Day Out

Day in and day out
go the years out
with the decided fall out
where men go out
searching for a living out and out
while children venture out
wanting to learn in and out
where the  sun comes  out
filling the world with light throughout
and naturally it goes out
plunging  the world in darkness out and out
the rain failing in a time out
causing a famine and drought
with the wind blowing fiercely in a rage out
destroying the environment in a fall out
the fire with a fury breaks out
ranging across causing a rout
with that the day comes to an ending all stout

where nothing lies firm and decided in a knock out.article-2389280-1B3BAC54000005DC-425_634x460


The Fall.

On the hillock

there loitered a bullock

which had a knock

falling on a rock

making the land rock

and the soil lock

it was not a mock

but a genuine  shock

everyone had to flock

by going up the block

with effort  released the bullock.bullock









Fluctuations are at the door.
One knock tells us of the rise
another bang informs us of the fall.
A small rap hints a little advance.
An impressive tap indicates a huge up trend.
A loud dash throws open the momentum
calling that it has crashed.
which is not merely restricted to stocks
but largely circumvents 1267473429D6ADztlife too.

Actions Evolution mystery Speech strange thoughts turmoil Wish

Strange it is.

There was a squeak at  the door.

It was a bird  at the door.

It pecked on  the door.

 It was a rap. rapping  on the door.

The noise, then slowed down to the core.

It looked strange more and more.

The bird stopped tapping at the door.

It moved away from the door.

It then rose up in a soar.

It flew high up in the fore.

It looked familiar more and more.