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A structure Of Blood and Bricks

A moral responsibilty deferred by treachery.

Building , in the literal sense is constructing a house, factory, a mall  etc. Building , otherwise infuses a variety of interpretations . Beautiful outfits, finest architecture, elegant constructions, charming edifice , highest reputation, systematic discipline, full fledged industries  are a few enclosures that rake up our attention.

The exquisite apparels and intelligent ventures are to be addressed with core deliberation and calm directions. A legacy  has to be passed on uninterruptedly to generations , without any spoilage and  devastating usage. A house that keeps the life going , is not only made of stones and bricks, mortar and sand, wood and iron. It holds the nerves and sinews of generations, the blood and passion of the people who occupied it, the feelings and desires of the inhabit ants  both living and dead. This has to assume the foremost concern of the present dwellers. They should respect the sentiments , and live accordingly. They should not pave the way to destruction, by entering into feuds, into self motivated ordeals, into slaying the spirit that has been imbibed by the concrete structures. Rebuffing the other stakeholders, sitting pretty on the space, adding incongruous structures , unmindful of the co habit ants , are the most committed crimes , that could be compared to distasteful ,foul , contemptuous direction.

Man is a degree above animals , because of his reasoning power. The lack of this analytical prowess is a depressing dilemma . The contributor to this negative cuppa ,gleefully basks in the limelight, while the receiver of this different catalogue , shivers in the dark.It is a usual therapy , that a saintly disposition suffers a trauma . This bad sojourn , is only a trial , only a test to find out the invincibility of truth. The righteous will find a reward in the final stage, while the wreck-less , ruthless, practise will be a source of glamour at the immediate appointment,  but would shovel deep into the plasma of irrevocable misery.

By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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