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Mona’s Trumpet.

Well, coming back to Mona , who has a torrential resource of funds and tempestous  share of his family’s bounty, reigns supreme over this kith and kin, who gape at his outpourings, who shrivel at his perennial flow of lies, who ridicule his incessant gibber which ultimately leads to nonsensical catastrophe.




As Mona’s Vimona is about to take off, he is venturing  into a new schedule that of refrigeration. He has bought a land in the vicinity of Chennai. His talks with the Tamilnadu Ministers , has wrought much effect. They are absolutely impressed by his technical knowledge .His research of which perishable goods could be preserved , and study of the market price of mangoes, chilly, tamarind provide helpful  tips to the state administration. The state government, Mona says ,  is going to set up a research centre under his guidance , to pursue the project. The setting up of a body should have been commissioned earlier , all over the world decries Mona ,as this would have certainly avoided recession. Mona . in diosgust throws up his towel in desperation, over thesluggishness of the bureaucracy. If only , the world would have heeded to his plans and allowed him to carry out, his modalities  the global meltdown would not have found a place.His CEO,Pearl Prashanth, brings to focus the modus operandi of Vimona Freezers. Mona, has prevailed upon the government to sanction a subsidy of 65% to the entrepreneurs.

Swamy , puts forth the projected workings for five years. he also anticipates a glowing prosperity to their foolproof venture. His target is to get a profit of 25% over the turn over. Livingstone, with a selective significance endorses  Pearl’s claim and Swamy’s aspiration. He gives a lift to Mona’s ego, by anticipating an award for his deep insight and shrewd handling of finance.

The ego of Mona gets inflated ,his empty chatter resounds, his feigned   prudence  gives out to   distilled idiocy and his lieutanants are gearing him up for the falsified  enchantment.

Queries in respect to refrigeration can be  posted to Mona. He will come out of the way to help  everyone with ingenuity and sincerity.

In his absence , Pearl  and Swamy would take up the cause.

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Mona’s Gabble

 Mona is a brag , who keeps on talking about himself, his wife, his assets (imaginary), his business acumen, his ventures abroad, his investments in gold , silver and land, his hobbies and his  skills in sports His monologue goes on for hours , and  his talk is supported not by power point presentation, but is flanked by a lively demonstration . As ,he is in the midst of his address , his aides  Swamy, and Living stone , drive up in a limousine . Their entry  is marked by much fanfare . A too dark , stout Swamy in a white dhoti and wrinkled white Khadi shirt gets into the arena, by paying a glorious salute to his master, who is none other than our Mona. Livingstone , follows  the heavy man , in a subdued manner . He, though demure , is full of arrogance and mischief. Mona , pulls up his sleeves  and combs his sparse hair  to take his  avid listeners to his demo land.

He ,on his way to the avenue , talks elaborately about the satellite city , he is going to promote , and the construction of a Mega Mall  , to help the residents of the small town Devibotta. The inmates in the car are baffled. The car halts near a bridge . The passengers alight from it. Swamy , now takes up the cue from Mona, who seems tired after a long talk.. He points his fingers towards a place , where he says , the Mega Mall is to be built. There are no houses, no huts, no habitation, no vegetation. The area looks so desolate and arid.

Once again the people are pushed into the car. The vehicle goes a few Kilometeres and stops . Swamy gets out hurriedly , and takes up the cause of explaining the setting up of the Mega city , which is to be mamed after his Master and Madam . The Vimona city , is to be modelled on the Silicon valley., California , where all high tech  businesses are to be accomodated.Mona envisages it to be the  industrial powerhouse of India. . Living stone , predicts that Vimona  will be a one point  focus  to all mega projects that are to be  commissioned in India.

Mona , with head raised high , imperiously walks towards his car, followed by his  aides, leaving his audience spellbound .

A quixotic ,funny,,Mona has mesmerised his friends  by meaningless chatter, irrational ideas and erratic notions. A satellite city -Vimona, a mega mall Monavi  are all in the offing near Deva fort, a hamlet near Sivaganga

Realtors wake up, builders arise, high tech industrialist rush  to Vimona., where Swamy is holding guard under the stewardship of Corporate President  Pearl Prashanth ,an administrator, and accountant par excellence.