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Mother Nature Sheds tears.

Fifty years from hence,

Living was simple,

Food was  natural.

Nature was one with us.




Twenty five years from hence,

A complicated life style erupted

A fast food   acquaintance developed,

Nature gradually moved aside.


Today and from now,

A hurried harried living embarks,

A tablet format descends,

Nature gets alienated.



Fifty years from hence,

A clean air encircled,

A lovely pleasure enfolded.

Nature nestled close.



Twenty five years from hence,

An evaporation assumed,

A strange fear evolved,

Nature nudged away.




Today and from now,

A polluton accustoms,

A suffocation prevails,

Nature sinks into oblivion.




Fifty years from hence,

Houses were  in a distance,

Factories were a rarity.

Nature hugged firmly.



Twenty five years from hence,

Houses got congested,

Factories  became  relative.

Nature withdrew in aghast.




Today and from now,

Houses are on top of  one another,

Factories became dense.

Nature flew from space.



An ecstatic enchantment is lost,

An healthy effervescence is robbed,

A sober sustenance is expelled.

A caring mother is found dead.



A disposition so wicked persists,

An indifference so peculiar terrifies

A blasphemy so rigid torments.

An inspiration so healing is knocked.



A renovation  has to be done,

A resurrection has to be applied,

A rejuvenation has to take place,

An acknoweldgement  has to be compelled.




Terms to ensure bio upgradation.

Codes to upgrade bio diversity .

Formulas to ensue greener living,

Affable theories are to be promoted..




Work together to reinforce Nature,

Work together to  consider Nature,

Work together to glorify Nature,

Work together to accept Nature.