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The Essence Of Belong

The sense of belong

comes naturally

anything compulsive is wrong

as it an artificiality.

The belong is a feature

inborn and in depth

it is never a caricature

with length and breadth.

The thought of belonging

brings a  proximity

evolving a  choice grouping

never  attempting belongan ambiguity.

The attachments  are warm

portray a bond strong

elicit a kinship in form

that be the essence of belong


The Fountain In A Mountain

Had been to a mountain
which had a fountain
that worked with colourful water
being not an artificial charter
being a natural delight
with no dealing slight
luxurious and wonderful
impressing the spectator to the full
set amidst the surroundings magnificent
with dense trees and verdant relevance
the fountain gushed out merrily
seemingly singing out a lyric cheerfully
an exuberance to be experienced
not easy to be expressed.images (27)


Pretty Nothing To Do.

Sitting idly for some time

pretty nothing to do

gazing at the sky

without any focus

came to see a cluster

might be stars

moving together

slowly and steadily

seemed to be

like a an  illumination

natural and delightful

not affecting the eyes

but lending a natural  splendour

magnificent and marvellous.stars travel in clusters




Secondary To Nature.

The weather remains pleasant
with a slight drizzle and a breeze
The chilliness is refreshing
while the body gets rejuvenated
the mind cheers up shedding its toil.
However much the artificial works out
the natural excels in its power
as much the electrical equipments
throw a pleasant feel
there arises an uneasy steal
which robs the freshness
inducing an allergic reaction
if not properly maintained through.
Nothing is best as nature
how much we try to cope up with her
we lose the grounds very swiftly
and be there as her secondary pleasant.


Nature -Haiku

images (67)Nature is natural
with fresh lakes and hills
expressive of nature.

Naturally it is
lovely and delightful to view.
eloquent in nature.

Nature naturally calls
birds, animals and man for
relaxation in nature.

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Versification Without Effort.

poetryWriting a few lines of verse
writing a few verses in form
writing with a form of rhymes
writing rhymes with sound effect.
is a skill rare to be found.

Leaves grow from trees.
Trees come up from the soil
Soil picks up the minerals from depth
Making it a natural sequence.
Eliminating anything artificial.

Poetry is spontaneous.
Coming out in speed at the moment
Jumping out with force from the heart.
Correlating the events to the full
Enabling a read most pleasant.

Words emerge with ease.
Clothing the thoughts with grace.
The rhythm flows gently.
Adorning the tone with tunes lively.
Making it an experience most memorable.

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It was a search.

Beyond the torch.

It was a start.

Far away in a sort.

It looked ahead.

Away from the tread.

Mind you it is near.

And it is very dear.