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The Essence Of Belong

The sense of belong

comes naturally

anything compulsive is wrong

as it an artificiality.

The belong is a feature

inborn and in depth

it is never a caricature

with length and breadth.

The thought of belonging

brings a  proximity

evolving a  choice grouping

never  attempting belongan ambiguity.

The attachments  are warm

portray a bond strong

elicit a kinship in form

that be the essence of belong

Creation Nature Rain thoughts

It was and it is.

It is snowing in the west,

It is sun shine in the far east, 

It is stormy in the top north,

It  is scorching in down south.


Nature has its own way,

Hosting a gale in the bay,

Holding the Sun in a ray,

It has its own say.


Rains play a  terrible havoc,

Initiating an incorrigible flow back,

Quakes shake the  basic track,

Imposing a bloody severe crack.


Storms ravage high and near,

Implicating a casualty dear,

Floods wash up in a rear,

Involving a great fear.


Fire rises in a flaming red,

Installing a feeling dread,

Snow imposes a shred,

Indexing everyone  to a  fled.


Nature goes about thus,

With a lot of fuss,

Provoking a terrifying gush,

Then subduing to a quiet hush.


This had been so for long,

It looks nothing wrong,

It is where we belong,

Much so Nature is a lively song.