The Work Load

The work not lets me go 

even though I become slow

I have to resume my flow

no matter however low

and tired I go about.


With the program piling up one by one

not of great importance in the run

I have to fight not with the gun

but get along without any fun

well that has been my life out-and-out.


The small things getting over

while the great things slip lower

the unremarkable flies up to the tower

while the  valid goes down the shower

Oh! that has been me without a shout.


The happenings getting distinguished

the distinct get  relinquished

while the shadow remains not vanquished

the  pertinent disappears and becomes finished

Gosh! that has been the direction about.



Wondering  is it the same to all

Do all experience the same call ?

Never did I play with any different ball

as I work my livelihood with a workload

Lo! that has been my destiny without a doubt.



Bee And Me

As I was closing the window
a bumble bee entered in
I noticed her not
she did not have the slight of the closure.
Both of went our way
I did not hear the buzzing
being occupied otherwise
She did not see me anywhere near
so she went on humming all the time.
When the night came to a still
with the external silent
and the internal not so quiet
as could the snores be heard
her sound became vociferous
Got up from my sleep
walked all over in a partial wake
switched on the lights
saw the bee flying here and there.
At once opened the window
but the poor bee could not find its way
It took nearly an hour for me
to drive the bee out
finally bringing peace to both.Bee

Actions concept cooking


Had to cook for three.
Could prepare only for two
was enough for one cooking_woman21

Actions Environment thoughts turmoil

Meaningless Plight.

I gaze at the ratio,

Cars ply up and down

Bikes expel fumes brown,

The honking is deafening,

The thoroughfare is burdening,

The environment has  dealing,

The carbon emission is suffocating,

Where do they go? I wonder,

What for ? I ponder,

The  activity extends to midnight,

It looks to me a meaningless plight.


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The Extremes

There is a range in behaviour,

Too hot and too cold,

Which holds good to temperature,

Too high and too low.



Hot denotes anger,

A fuming and frothing fury,

Cold represents an indifference,

A disrespect and contempt.





High calls or a burning scorch,

Rendering an incessant heat,

Low shows a freezing level,

Emitting a biting cold.



The extremes propose a variation,

Both in attitude and climate,

Creating an unpleasant trait,

That resolves into a difficult plight.