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Ride Up the Hill

On to the hills

a journey with a fill

inhaling the fresh air

seeing trees rare

an upward move

a delightful prove

a luxury in all

a wonder in call

the density of trees

the humming of bees

the chirp of the birds

very minutely heard

the grunt of the animals

the movements in a ramble

nourish the nerves

assuage the curves

of the mind and muscle

there could find no tussle

it is an energizer  natural

different from the unnatural

advertised  by teams different

called as energy drinks and its variant

the fresh air enters the lungs

makes it perform with a  plunge

a ride up the beautiful hill

enlightens the soul with a  saturated ride up the hillfill.

Poetry scenery style

Up The Hill

It was a slow walk

with nobody to talk

went up the hill

where  it was still

sauntered there for a while

amazed at the style

royal and imperious

beautiful and gorgeous

the scenery around

the calmness found

compelled me to stay

it would have made me gay

but I had to go down

to the lowly ground

where I live not alone

with a family in town.

who would wait for my return

my disappearance sudden

would put them in turmoil

with that all hills  would be spoilt.



Go atop the hill

if that be your will

sit there in solitude

 would meet a beatitude

a course so much practical

could be not more inimical

as many crave to do nirvana

a status  so hard to reach

I differ from the multitude

again you could see my attitude

any place wherever you be

no matter you be a busy bee

peace would be with you

once you withdraw from the crew

away you could be in the crowd

hearing nothing of the loud.

The chatter in loud synergy 

would never sap your energy

you could be well within you

with eyes and ears open in true

never give a thought to that around

as they would keep you in bound

nirvana1326225310125think not of any of them in a persist

this is the best way to exist.


There Be

There be a morn
with no sun
There be a night
with no stars
There be a woman
with no beauty.
There be a man
with no sense
There be a hill
with no trees images (91)
There be a river
with no water
Oh! there is everything around
nothing  being good.
That be the day
when the world
comes to an end.


Playing Fool

Climbing uphill is a task

Going downhill is a bask

Getting upward in life is hard

going downward is a dodge

that be the  universal  rule

we play about like a fool

spoiling what we achieve

squandering that climbing uphill we strive

demoting the priorities

destroying the intricacies

that becomes a strike

dashing  as a swipe

indicating a fall

but left without a call.



The Temple On A Hill

The temple  stood atop on a hill

seemed very ancient and still

with devotees going up and down

while an elephant stood on the ground

with her caretaker  standing next

who made her salute  everyone  in best

just for the money the passers-by give

making the huge animal small  in a live

this is how the animal is made to win its bread

with that the caretaker also goes in a tread

as such the temple is known for its heritage

people throng during the festival  in stages

making it glimmer and shine all the  more

sending signals of strength  and fortitude  even more

as the devotees get around in terms dizzy

seeking the blessings of the ruling deities  with ecstasy

signifying that people  do have indefatigable faith

even in these days where  technology  gets ahead straight.Kundrakudi2elephant










Actions Inspiration Nature Poem

Travel With Nature.

Nature takes you along
wherever it goes.
Go with the river
you lose your shiver,
Get ahead over the hill
it would bring you peace still.
Watch the Ocean
that enumerates extensive reason.
Look at the tree.
It would make your mind free.
Observe a plant
which demonstrate implants.
Last of all the flower
which exhibits beauty forever. travel