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A Tale of Fraud.

Hailed great once  

Being the wealthiest once

Finding listed in Billionaires  once .

Seems to be nowhere now.


Made money by hook

Won success by crook.

Reached the top by hooking.

Seems to be nowhere now.


Enacting rags to riches story.

selling snacks with all worry.

Turned away by banks is a story.

Managed to rise up


Getting money from the poor

say five, ten, dollars for sure

Got deposits all over.

Manipulated them to rise above.


Went round  the streets in a bike

owned a fleet of air planes  to strike .

transformed into a character whom all liked

Rose to great heights all at once.


Lived in a two room hut  in the earlier years

Bought a  sprawling bungalow  in 270 acres  in the years

radiated with high spirit great cheer

Rose to great  heights all at once.


Law , was turned and twisted  with great diligence

Politicians   and officials recognised his relevance

He has got paid for his indulgence .

Would be behind the bars very soon. Feiffer-fraud-panel1







The Fraud

In between the crowd
I espied a big fraud
the very eyes could do the job
as he meandered through the throb
taking quick turns and twists
he forged ahead in bits
away from the suspicion of all
until he met with a  sudden fall
crashing he fell down on the ground
going by the deafening sound
the people turned towards the spot
rushing towards him on to the slot
helped him to recover and re-Anwar Ibrahim speaks during a rally in protest of the Sunday's election results in Kelana Jayaequip
enquiring seriously about his slip
they took him to the hospital
where he was treated with care  total
as many valuables fell from his pocket
the eyes of the spectators fell from their socket
he could not  hide his guilt anymore
and people knew that there are many more
behind to be unearthed bringing everything more,

The Inedible Counsel.

Controversies foreshadow truth.

Arguments destroy facts.

Criticisms scatter hostility.

Contentions eject apprehension.

Such was a lawyer’s argument in a court.

Lawyers get paid by their clients.

So they indulge in making distortions of ethics.

They convert  cold lies into hot factual.

They sell their integrity for  money.

They have to engage in such determinate proxies to keep their hearth burning.

There are  few counsels ,who honour their profession by not accepting such dubious cases.

As all good things could be numbered, this breed of advocates are  only meagre.

A lawyer ,whom I know , values money more than his profession.

He takes up the side which  has powers , knowingly or unknowingly  posted on them by their fathers.

The particular clan  crackles law, stumps truth, bowls  ingenuity .

To protect them ,they reach out to our lawyer, who responds to their call with great enthusiasm

The lawyer on topic , has forsaken not only his profession, but also his conscience.

Instead of advising them to work on meritorious execution, fuels their venom with his indiscreet   talk.

By fanning their greed, he gains.

Th e monetary sphere claims superiority that the matter enters the court.

Unnecessary  defects do occur , spoiling the sport .

The tranquillity expires due to such deceits .


The Irking Deceit

Anecdotes make up a story.

Incidents formulate a fiction.

Qualities eke out a character.

An interlude of greedy manipulation  unfolds the basic integrity of a Man.

The man ,whom I like to cite, is a wee higher than a barbarian.

He has very less formal education.

He is a village product.

He possesses no etiquette.

He has inherited a wealth from his ancestors ,which keeps him going.

Rip him off his wealth, he becomes an incorrigible  rascal.

To crown up his notoriety, he recently indulged in a petty feud with his kinsman.

The relative had borrowed money from his brother, a decade back. Now ,the

 brothers have fallen apart.

Knowingly or unknowingly , the kinsman returned a part o the money to the illiterate hero.

The brother, who had actually lent money  warned the relative not to pay the money to the hero.

Ignoring the real lender, the borrower continued to pay the money to the other.

The Man  accepted the payment, fully knowing that it does not belong to him.

A  few months after , the kinsman referred his account books.

Alas! the truth dawned on him.

He ,at once rushed to the hero ,explained  the matter ,and asked his money back.

The greedy Man refused .

The kinsman approached through a common friend also, but the Man did not budge.

The kinsman and his wife got infuriated and cursed the Man to the core, invoking God’s wrath on the Man.

The undeterred cheat remains silent, unaffected by the fuming and fretting of the Kinsman’s clan, and unperturbed by the slander that encircles him.

He wants money,money  – nothing else.

What a Man he is?

What sort of brought up?

What kind of integrity?

What a fraud?

It is an outright sale of scruples for currency.



Hedging Wealth

Hedging funds have actually hedged wealth.

Galleon has come to the forefront as  a fraudulent company,

How many similar funds go unscathed?

How many influential persons have escaped attention, because of their  rapport with the governing politicians.?

Such kind of Galleon’s exposition is possible in U.S.

But in India and other developing countries frauds multiply, like mosquitoes breed in damp climate.

The regulatory forum is itself corrupt.

The insider trading is an old trick followed by the so-called tycoons.

They make money, pay the brokers heavily, and revel in high living and posh external manifestations.

It is these top placed business men, who come out with philanthropic deals, funding this , adopting that.

India , is known for nurturing the nourished, caring the most cared, and pampering the existing splendour.

The Indian way of freebies, is spoiling the already spoilt  poor.

The exact process of making them independent financially, physically and in relation to mental stability is absolutely floundered by the  government.

Today they give a colour T.V.

Tomorrow they provide a Gas cylinder for cooking.

Day after they extend health care.

Yesterday they allowed  free electricity.

Provision is distributed. The usage is not scrutinised.

The free bies  reward the needy.

They also shell out handsome kick backs to the intermediaries and politicians.The administration settles in for a brand which sends out high  pay off, in the manner of commission.The brokerage is proportioned according to the scale of position.

As the government is busy scheduling all these resolutions, a far serious regulation is overseen.

The over sightedness in  containing the loopholes drives a big hole in the transactions.

 In and Out the hedge fund managers, with their high-profile, and excess money, bag purchases, trap the bureaucrats.

The out come of such irrational, wicked directions, is a collection of materials in a big shopping bag.

This monetary accrual ,most times  are so overwhelming, that they bulge and tear the container in which they are stored.

The truth unobtrusively pops out.

It is again the people,who  are cheated. They unwittingly relish on  a few thousand free  bies while their co habitants glorify in millions and billions.

Well , that is a way o life.

The world survives in cheat , slander, and stealing

.The hedge fund  back drops are exhibits of great theft.