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Cheats All Around.

I look north,

I turn south,

I focus on west,

I fix on east,

Everywhere I find cheats.

In the hands of  my co born,

My inheritance is torn,

In the clutches of my in laws,

My  progress thaws.

Everywhere I  see cheats.

The legality is strong,

The execution is wrong,

The swindling is quick,

They  squander in a flick.

Everywhere I cross cheats .

I am in despair,

I  am unaware,

I wish to  condemn.

I  say damn,

Everywhere  I meet cheats.

To come out, I  contemplate

To get my due , I  conjugate,

To succeed , I struggle,

To  live ,I juggle,

I see cheats all around.

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The World Today

Earthquake in Indonesia.

Maoist attack in India.

Greece in economic debacle.

U.K. lingering on a hung parliament issue.

Iceland volcanoes emit ash.

Nearer home, Malaysia is hot as a steaming oven.

These I heard to-day.

Did you hear anything cheerful?

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Obama Playing Fiddle.

President Obama is deliberating on the new military strategy  to be adopted in Afghanistan.

In a subtle reply to Cheney, former Vice President , that he was in “no rush “to send more troops to Afghanistan.He is working out a game plan.,perhaps.

The recent situation in the troubled country is worse.

 Six U.N. employees and two Afghans were killed in an attack in Kabul.

Obama is dragging his feet. Many civilians are killed. Many American soldiers are killed. The fighting  is raging for 8 years,surpassing the Vietnam war.Obama should not remain indecisive. He may have to accept defeat as the Russians experienced a few years back., if the war continues

The U.S is in a delicate  ,uneasy mindset. To fight or not to fight is their memorandum.Fighting for eight years has not given any productive results.By targetting the Taliban , the U.S. army also harms the civilians who are insurgents. The poor , after undergoing hardships in the form of gunning, turn into hard-core individuals. They become one with Taliban.

Obama has to make up his mind.  He has to end terrorism, not fan it further. He has to restore peace in Afghanistan, not renew fighting. He has to take care of his soldiers, not allowing them to die in Kabul.

When gunshots are ranting the sky, Obama should not play his fiddle in the Whitehouse.

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East Asian Community

Well, the craze for west, the love for U.S  are slowly disspiating.Asia is taking the supremo from The United States.

The Asian countries were in the pink of economy, with vast natural resources  in hand. The man power was always a prime asset of this area. The excellent skill in manufacturing industry was  prompting envy . The deft hands, and  the shrewd brains,made a rare combination.Hard work and  with standing spirit made these nations shine in the past.

Lured by the    magnificent wealth, the westerners invaded these countries. They explored possible ways to exploit the hidden treasures. They studied the integral part of the society, which brought to light the warring communities. They found out that there was no unity among the people, and the governance in these countries were weak, and divided. Cashing on these elements, the Dutch, Portuguese, French , and British, entered the lands as traders. gradually ,they created chasm ,and split the communities. This tactics helped them to delve deep into the interiors. The assault was timely. the onslaught ,which was unexpected by the locals,  , led to a  coup. The Kings and  local rulers were overthrown. The traders ultimately became rulers.

The ruling power gave them free licence to loot , to plunder, to levy heavy tax, thus filling up  their exchequer in their homeland. Cash, valuable diamonds, beautiful stones, like rubies, emeralds, pearls ,corals, were shipped to the respective countries , thus demeaning the economy of the Asian nations.

The West grew in prosperity, while the east , home to ancient civilization,  succumbed to paucity.

With the hoard of wealth, the western countries , particularly Britain, drove its colonies into slavery and penury. A large level independence struggle was carried out. After, much blood shed and pain the colonies became free. In the course of their dependence, they lost their spirit and courage. The catastrophic  compulsions  were hard to be dissolved. The natives had to find a way out of these divisive forces.

The east Asian Community , at last,in 2009, has found a way out. A long struggle, and an exonerating  impulsion, have shown them a light to move forward. The Western influence is slowly taking the back bench, The attractive U. S. settlement is waning off. The East Asian Nations, Australia, and New Zealand  have to rebalance their growth to face the new challenge.

They will surely  get back on their feet.

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Fairy tales fascinate me. I read  them ,when my spirits are little down. Right from my schooldays, they have been inspirational.

Rumpelstiltskin, especially, is a magnificent tale ,which portrays greed . Spinning straw into gold, is a metaphor, which insists that skill  makes the impossible into a possibility.

 This fairy tale came into my mind, when I read Infosys  Narayanamurthy’s move to sell his o.13% shares of Infosys for $37 million.Ater this transaction , Murthy will hold 2.38% shares.Infosys was started with $250 , borrowed rom the spouses of six promoters in 1981.

That $250 has been converted to billions. If 0.3% is worth $37million, imagine the net worth o the company. Amazing ,unbelievable, magnificent , are the expressions that strike my mud filled mind. In 1981, I was much worthier than Murthy. In 2009, I come no way near  Murthy.

Murthy is modern Rumpelstiltskin., both in stature and skill . He has  converted  language into billions.  


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How To become Rich?

How to become rich?

Do not work,

Do not invest,

Do not build,

Do not think,

Riches come to you.


How to become rich?

Do cheat,

Do manipulate,

Do illegality,

Do deceive,

Riches will come to you.


How to become rich?

Do not earn,

Do print,

Do not toil,

Do deprive,

Riches will come to you.



How to become rich?

Do squander

Do not  save,

Do plunder,

Do no justice,

Riches will come to you.



How to become rich?

Do all fraud you can,

Do as much  scandal as you can,

Do  all counterfeiting   you can,

Do as much scheming you can

Riches will rush to you.

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Insider Trading -India Far Ahead.

Insider Trading ,has attained a star status, as Raj  Rajaratnam, Anil Kumar, and Rajiv Goel, Chiesi, Moffat and Mark Kirtland got arrested in a $ 20000 with four counts of security and eight of securities fraud. 

This trading secret was deciphered in India, as early as 1992.Indian memory is not so weak as to forget the Fair growth financial services, promoted by maverick ex banker Ratnakar, who was also involved in the share market scandal ,which was hosted By Harshad Mehta.

 Rich P.Chidambaramand his wife Nalini invested a fairly large sum in the scam tainted Fairgrowth and became richer instantaneously.When the  irregularity was exposed,  Chidambaram resigned. His submission was accepted by the Prime Minister Narasimha Rao,much to the alacrity of  his brother and the public. This move Of Narasimha Rao, was tacit presumption of  Chidambaram’s culpability  in the scam.

1992 is seventeen years from hence. Indians had overtaken the other world by a decade and a half . Indians always think ahead of their times. They possess an intricate foresight

The  keen insight in tracking loose plugs in business, meticulous meandering  into the loopholes of market, scrupulous foraying  into the shoddy virtues of  commerce,are a resounding peculiarity of most of the successful Indian businessmen.

An ordinary Indian ,who resorts to unsavy methods of business , becomes a millionaire overnight.

A millionaire , who  engrosses  himself in unethical procedures of  commerce, achieves a billionaire status over a day.

The Indian decorum  in business world is nonplussed  


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Internal Eruptions.

The Indian Business school , is one of the best management institution in India. It imparts class education.The institution, is in the limelight for wrong reasons.

Rammohan Rao, its dean ,presided over the fraud botched  Satyam computers., allowing it to buy Mayatas Infra and Mauatas properties. After the  outburst of Satyam dubious deal,he stepped down as dean, but still is associated with the school.

Now Anil  Kumar a top executive in the global consultancy firm McKinsey&co, who  is on the board of IBS,has been arrested for his alleged role in the network of insider trading masterminded by Raj Rajaratnam.

The Indian Business School  is in tight spot.

The Dean and the executive member are associates of fraudulent entrepreneurs..

The school  with a big banner  should  inspire entrepreneurship. But the two members on the governing council instil  a rare kind of interest, that of earning in the wrong way.They behest a bad precedence.They have earned  illegal ,illicit wealth. Their reputation is a sludge. 

Loopholes in trading, exceptions in rules, derogatory tendencies in  provisions pave a negative direction to  business.
The prestigious school is in a delicate, piquant situation.

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Raj Rajaratnam Edged Out.

The billionaire hedge fund  manager Raj Rajaratnam was arrested on insider trading charges.He made money by investing in stocks with highest earnings. It sounds good. His prudence in buying stocks was not a result of analysis, but by the tip off he received from insiders. There lies the catch.

He got information of Polycon earning announcements,Google earning estimates, and Hilton take over.He traded on behalf of his company Galleon with this clue .

Goel provided news about Intel  quarterly earnings.As payback for Goel’s tip , Rajaratnam  or his nominated entity ,executed trades in Goel’s personal brokerage account in respect to Hilton and People support ,thus depositing 250,000 $in Goel’s account. This is an illegal profit  for Goel. 

Rajaratnam traded with insider information leaked out by Kumar on the transactions of two Abu Dhabi bases sovereign entities.Chiesi  passed on tips about Akamai Technologies to Raj , who acted swiftly on behalf of Galleon . Robert Moffat circulated inside information about Sun Microsystems, which was to be bought by IBM.The input gave Chiesi $1 million profit.

How many ways are there to earn money?

Earning by just means  is a little depressing , when the revenue generated by illicit methods is so lucrative. This insider information has been in circulation for a long time, not only in U.S, but also in Other countries.  The trendy  moves of the company  is utilised to make money . The chief executives indulge in such process to make loads of money.

Greed is manifested in so many forms. This manoeuvre of hedge funding is the latest addition to the family Of greed.

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Economy Muted, Employment Routed

The worldwide recession is drawing to a close. It has been halted by stimulus package. The Asian countries have taken the supremacy  over economy. China’s growth is amazing. India is carefully treading China’s curve. The  dollar is losing its importance.A new currency  will soon make an advent . The baptization of this currency ,which is going to be a mixture of euro, yen , rupee ,yuan and lira , will be performed  shortly.

The world has not been as successful with employment as it had been with Economy. Job cuts still exist. U.S was the most attractive destination  for Asians with respect to employment.. But , in the course of this economic down trend , a drastic lay off and an emergent disposal of jobs were enforced.

The resilient stayed back . But ,the less courageous returned home. The situation  is still deplorable. There were incidents of suicide. The huge salary ,which placed the migrants in a plush alibi, has been  withdrawn. They ,who had borrowed heavily , to purchase  houses, cars , and other amenities could not make over their loans. They found themselves in enormous debts. With no revenue the liabilities looked so gigantic., and got magnified. This eccentricity drove many , not only migrants, but also natives to end their life.

The economy has been reformed. The employment is still in a pathetic wreck.The determined ,who stuck to the job , in spite of low salary , are in gripping fear. What is going to happen ? is the query boggling their mind. But , the sensitive ones, unable to tolerate the shoddy pay packs, have come out of the cruise. They are mopping in the dark, pining for the hay days, suffering for no fault of theirs.  A serious consideration  has to be expedited to resolve the burning issue. If not looked in time, there will be an outbreak of epidemic financial  disaster in the  guise of  job loses.