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Obama Playing Fiddle.

President Obama is deliberating on the new military strategy  to be adopted in Afghanistan.

In a subtle reply to Cheney, former Vice President , that he was in “no rush “to send more troops to Afghanistan.He is working out a game plan.,perhaps.

The recent situation in the troubled country is worse.

 Six U.N. employees and two Afghans were killed in an attack in Kabul.

Obama is dragging his feet. Many civilians are killed. Many American soldiers are killed. The fighting  is raging for 8 years,surpassing the Vietnam war.Obama should not remain indecisive. He may have to accept defeat as the Russians experienced a few years back., if the war continues

The U.S is in a delicate  ,uneasy mindset. To fight or not to fight is their memorandum.Fighting for eight years has not given any productive results.By targetting the Taliban , the U.S. army also harms the civilians who are insurgents. The poor , after undergoing hardships in the form of gunning, turn into hard-core individuals. They become one with Taliban.

Obama has to make up his mind.  He has to end terrorism, not fan it further. He has to restore peace in Afghanistan, not renew fighting. He has to take care of his soldiers, not allowing them to die in Kabul.

When gunshots are ranting the sky, Obama should not play his fiddle in the Whitehouse.

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Tamilnadu Or Karunanidhinadu

The state of Tamilnadu, down south of India, is known for its extreme way of thinking. It was in the hold of film personalities for quiet some time. It was in the grip of Tamil lovers for some more time. It has been tossed up by caste freaks. Now ,it is at the disposal of a single family, that of Karunanidhi.

The eighty-six year old chief Minister is ruling the state from a wheel chair. His retinue comprises a band of doctors, a group of his family, either  of his wife Dhayulu, or of his wife Rajathi, and  a pack off his party cadres. The channels ,telecast  his inspection of the site where the new secretariat is built. His van enters the area. Tha door is opened.His daughter Kanimozhi, steps out.Finally the hydraulic chair in which Karunidhi  is seated ,is brought to the fore. Sitting in the chair , Karunanidhi, sees the construction. The site  engineers, spreads out the plan , explains the lay out,and structural design. Karunanidhi nods. Then ,the daughter gets in. The van goes out o the venue.

The physical discomfort o the Chief Minister is apparent. His mind, people say is alert. It May be, but in practicality a person in the wrong side of eighties is prone to  forgetfulness, is inclined to break down in mental agility. Karunanidhi is no exception.

His  son Stalin is the Deputy chief Minister. His  other  son ,Tom boy, Alagiri ,is the minister o chemicals and fertilisers in the centre.His  daughter Kanimozhi is a o Parliament. His nephew Dayanidhi Maran , is central minister of Textiles. His another nephew, is a T>V Baron, holding sway over Sun T.V.

Where can you find such a representation of a family in a government?Even the emperors and Kings had a very minimal strength from the family in the governance.THe Karunanidhi clan virtually own the state. They not only rule ,but also possess vast lands in the major cities of Tamilnadu.

Long live Karunanidhi! Long live his progeny! God save them!

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Terrorism Unabated.

Indonesian capital Djakarta  was a victim of a bomb blast today. Six people lost their lives. The two high end hotels Ritz and Marriott were targeted. Incidentally these two hotels are owned by the same person.

These two hotels  are run with great caution. The security is at its best.How did this happen?The perplexed state of affairs is prevailing.No one is able to decipher what it is all about? What for these two hotels chosen  by the attackers? Why did this blast enacted?

It is unbelievable.Ritz was ripped inside out. The pictures look horrible. The suicide bomber has perfectly ccommissioned the blast.

We sit  and watch the world perish in miniscules.

We  sit and espy the ghastly bloodshed

We sit and perceive the drama of terrorism.

We sit and experience the rational suffering.

We sit and accept the death knell.

We sit and digest the horrendous gravity.

We sit and do nothing to stop them.

We sit and say loudly that it is beyond our capacity.

We sit and put the blame on others.

We sit and deliver nothing to maintain peace and harmony.

We call ourselves Human.

Human means no feeling.,

Am I right?

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Obama In The Muslim World

The President of U.S is touring the Muslim countries. He is holding talks with the King Of Saudi Arabia at Riyadh and conducting a meeting in Egypt, where he will be waxing his eloquence to restore peace and renew ties with the cold introverts.

This would work out into a strategic magnificence, as it is recollects the finer settings and rejects the morbid insinuations.The Muslim world , will also benefit from this attempt , as the radicalism and hostility of United States ,have formulated an uneasy pretense and a riot torn existence.

The coming forward of Obama to address the Muslims at Cairo , its strategic ally , is the best follow up and the surest filtering of  ill will and ignominy.
The world is awaiting the turn around. If the measurements of peace talks work out a perfection , and accurate outfit , then the world would be swayed away by  rejoice and happiness. This is the need of the hour .

Muslim or Christian , Hindu or Jew, all are one and the same in the eyes of God. The religions do not preach hatred , but promote faith in God in a way of their own , quiet different from each other. Modes differ, but the end result is the same. Prayers vary, but the source is the same. Practise may be dissimilar but they converge towards the same point.

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A Full Circle.

“Age cannot wither her,

Nor customs stale her infinite variety.” Says Marlowe Of  Helen of troy.

Altering it slightly, we can write about Karunanidhi.

Age cannot deter him,

Nor customs stale his infinite variety.

I have changed two  words  of Marlowe, wither and her,  which   speaks volumes of the aging leader.He has calculated and manipulated, worked and reworked, thought and practised, heeded and yielded, wielded and withdrew, shouted and patted,  aroused and subdued , to find a way out. He did find a way , in every angle, in every sleeve and in every frame.

His political career has lent him a platform to express his histrionics. The cine dialogue writer , was identified as a potential spokesperson byb Annadurai , founder of DMK,The power of eloquence, the gruff modulation , and his rhetorical language gave him a complimentary passage into the world of politics. His fiery speech rose the audience spirit, his tone tickled the listener , his voice attracted the party men. His mentor’s untimely death brought him to the fore.He assumed the Chief Minister ship Of Tamilnadu. His tryst with destiny , started with much aplomb. There was no looking back from thence, except for a pathetic showdown , he suffered in the hands of M. G.Ramachandran . The tenure of MGR, was a difficult phase, and  the setback he experienced when he lost the election ,while Jeyalalitha became the head of Tamilnadu , was a bitter pill to swallow. The defeats moulded him into a much more experienced politician, and a great savant of politics.

Karunanidhi, in his wrong side of eighties , has worked miracles. He is the longest Chief Minister of Tamilnadu. He is now the political supremo, dictating terms to Manmohan singh. His likes and dislikes are exhibited in the choice of ministers. He is the best benefactor ,not of the people but of the family.

Having made his son Alagiri , as a cabinet Minister in Central government, he has made his younger son Stalin as Deputy Chief Minister of Tamilnadu.He has completed a full circle , without any scratch or blemish, dent or bruise.Karunanidhi has won the race. His triumph is perfect . His success is hundred percent. His distinctive perception and his brimming confidence , has contributed to an unbelievable   wealth , extraordinary   power , indefatigable eminence .



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Bush Loves What He Does.

The grand finale of Bush’s presidency is about to be enacted.. An eight  year tenure filled with foibles and flaws, mistakes and mismanagement, aberrations and alterations, and squirms and squabbles.

He politicised everything,  prompted military advances by waging war on nations,and provoked greed ,hate and fear.

Bush had  the most likely qualities of his predecessors,but made no use of them. Yet he was re elected.

The funniest part of his Presidency is his policy of Divide and Rule.. Unity which was well in  his grasp after 9/11, was floundered by Him.The  asset  that  of unity,which was unperceived ,and unexpected was squandered by Bush .

Bush was a determined  destroyer, he poured into his assumptions with mighty fervour and practical deliberations. He succeeded in conspiring against the sincere takers, conniving with  scandalous personalities, committing with the impractical genre and flourishing with the newly discovered rich.

Bush’s immorality has given a wide scope to Osama Bin Laden. He cancelled the right to Habeus Corpus and the right  to be free from unnecessary government spying. The governance was highly politicised. The departments ,which were hitherto untouched by politics fell into the hands of  greedy ,corrupt politicians, who shattered ethical decorum of the machinery.His financial heading was a disaster. The enormous tax cuts ,he presented left a big hole in the  budget.He favoured the rich , thus nourishing a Ponzi economy based on quick rich schemes.He failed in hiring competent persons for top jobs.His thirst for war ,has put the nation is a tight spot. He deceived the country by posting a fairy attire over a devilish physic.

The eight long years is a synonym of deceit, is a parody of transparency, is an exhibit of disaster, is a reflection of greed ,is a subtle variation  of  autocracy.

The years can be afforded the best titular heroic worship  in a dissimilar definition.