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Tamilnadu Or Karunanidhinadu

Karunanidhi -a subject, Karunanidhi-a chief Minister, Karunanidhi -a King.

The state of Tamilnadu, down south of India, is known for its extreme way of thinking. It was in the hold of film personalities for quiet some time. It was in the grip of Tamil lovers for some more time. It has been tossed up by caste freaks. Now ,it is at the disposal of a single family, that of Karunanidhi.

The eighty-six year old chief Minister is ruling the state from a wheel chair. His retinue comprises a band of doctors, a group of his family, either  of his wife Dhayulu, or of his wife Rajathi, and  a pack off his party cadres. The channels ,telecast  his inspection of the site where the new secretariat is built. His van enters the area. Tha door is opened.His daughter Kanimozhi, steps out.Finally the hydraulic chair in which Karunidhi  is seated ,is brought to the fore. Sitting in the chair , Karunanidhi, sees the construction. The site  engineers, spreads out the plan , explains the lay out,and structural design. Karunanidhi nods. Then ,the daughter gets in. The van goes out o the venue.

The physical discomfort o the Chief Minister is apparent. His mind, people say is alert. It May be, but in practicality a person in the wrong side of eighties is prone to  forgetfulness, is inclined to break down in mental agility. Karunanidhi is no exception.

His  son Stalin is the Deputy chief Minister. His  other  son ,Tom boy, Alagiri ,is the minister o chemicals and fertilisers in the centre.His  daughter Kanimozhi is a o Parliament. His nephew Dayanidhi Maran , is central minister of Textiles. His another nephew, is a T>V Baron, holding sway over Sun T.V.

Where can you find such a representation of a family in a government?Even the emperors and Kings had a very minimal strength from the family in the governance.THe Karunanidhi clan virtually own the state. They not only rule ,but also possess vast lands in the major cities of Tamilnadu.

Long live Karunanidhi! Long live his progeny! God save them!

By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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