The Baby In The Cradle.

download (53)The baby was sleeping
fast asleep on the cradle
she being all alone
the mother being in office
not away but  at home
she slept still for a time
having woken up
she crooned softly
smiled to herself
played with her legs
getting amused at everything
that came around her
so speaking she was happy.
that being for long
she felt hungry
finding none were around
she cried slowly
then with all her might
as none could hear her
she sobbed and sobbed
went back to sleep  once more

Actions Experience grace Interpretation Pride quality thoughts

Pleasant What May.

Nodding her head she sits among friends.
Listening to their remarks of lively trends.
Smiling at their fascinating talks across the bend.
Keeping a pleasant quietness is her way till the end.

Coyly she hears their bashful jeers.
Softly she smothers their tears.
Lovingly she dissipates their fears
as she keeps a pleasant poise is her way unto the rear.

Expressions rude never come from her.
Thoughts evil never get the best of her.
Inhuman behaviour is never found in her
as she Keeps a pleasant grace intact in her.

Her insinuations are assumed as ignorance by some.
Her inclinations are claimed as innocence by some.
Her exclusiveness is termed as pride by some
while keeping a pleasant attitude never pays her handsome.

Her demeanour is all throughout the same.
Believing in truth is her game.
She worships truth not in name
while she keeps a pleasant trust not for fame.
She does not live for others as many do.
She loves them most from out of the blue.
She does not wish to give a clue
while keeping a pleasant extension in the groove.

Her way of life is different all through.
Never does she bow down to authority in a rue.
Never does she acknowledges money as powerful in all her moves
as she keeps a pleasant endearment in her interactions true.


Actions Experience Life thoughts Wisdom

Life in Precision.

Laughing over all the odds,

Smiling over all the prods,

Discarding  all the frauds,

Releasing all the chords,

Scorning all the hoards,

Detaching from all the boards,

Render a  lifestyle sans swords.