The Image Of Malaysia

The nation is in dilemma
everything there is an enigma
law and order being ever absent
corruption being thoroughly present.

The “boleh “land as Malaysia is called
beaten up by the latest slip and crawl
that be of the disappearance of a flight
attributing various reasons for on sight.

The Police take no action against theft
race up when there is a speeding by a car
they sit in their “Balai Polis” hearing a murder
never do they conduct any investigation thither.

The judges speak not justice on the whole
try to find an easy loop-hole
money plays a part in government offices
the more you pay the most you get as large pieces.

Lazy be the synonym of its people largely
drinking and enjoying in “kopi kedai” mostly
eating out all the times inordinately.
doing nothing at home totally.

The vanishing flight has tarnished the image
the grieving families of the passengers is enraged
making easy money from the revenue of palm oil plantations
agonised the rain and the weather too have started their ration.

This year the country is hot and moist
with water scarcity staring hard in the foist
receiving less rain the country with the open drainage
would be thwarted by its sanitary modules of age.

It is time for the Malaysian leaders to wake up
see around them the nations that have grown up
scourge its system in a pace fast and kedai kopioil palmquick
as it is a country that should tick.


A Trademark

That be Indian

once  being great and distinguished

now  honourably corrupt 

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The Distinctive Strains.

The distinctions of the two countries

keep me at the anvil

one being laid back  and clean

the other being buzzing and unclean.


The countries I talk about

being varied in ethnic

all religions stay put and  abound

one with three races in the round.


The languages and dialects in one

becomes countless in the go

with some without alphabets

only going by the talking


The other being a settlement

with one race claiming to be native

the other two coming  for livelihood

having  enriched the land  of occupation.


The ancient land with a heritage

and a beautiful culture

known for its great stature

remains so in the annals .


The second one being a small nation

when held in close  comparison with the other

has a compact land area and population

with fertility being its chosen play.


The ancient land teeming

and bustling with men

holds the pride in technical  front

yet is being locked in corruption.


The same goes with this peninsula

for that matter  the distinctions go amiss

as both countries  are peninsular

being equally corrupt.


The discriminations being dealt so far

being marked in areas of density  and cleanliness

earmark the  validity of the nations 1-3122India and Malaysia

that lie in the Asian continent,














The Money Changes

Money makes one wealthy
it makes one prosperous
taking the person to heights imperious
while people go around him merrily.

The money plays a role
creating a halo around the head
that shines magnificently  at all poles
lending a brightness  similar to a tone red.

With red we come to  an alert
telling that money  gives an authority
more of a great excellence and a  curt
that releases a head strong audacity.

The red also go to signify a  corrupt
that of  a rare distinctive curb
thinking money could buy without disrupt
posting an indecent blurb.

The power that money bestows on the haves
has made out of them a destructive  trash
behaving most callously and indomitably harsh
that way it shatters the harmony of the earth in a flash.