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When Would People Learn?


Birthdays are for kids many affirm.


Weddings bind  two people say


Sixtieth  celebrations  are for the middle-aged nowadays


Eightieth function  are for the old mostly .


Cenetenary are for the lucky few.


Every one irrespective of age indulge in ostentation nowadays


Functions come one after another compelling attendance,


They demand  presentations and gifts


They enforce  hours of chit chatting,


 Thus inviting more trouble than cordiality,


When would all these become a private affair?


When would all these attain an austerity?


When would people learn?





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Inlays And Designs.

inlays and designs are embellishments in art.

They expose a fabulous creativity

Pillars and portraits excel in intrinsic style.

They look gorgeous with beautiful inlays.


Frills and frescoes are blemish in talk.

They broadcast an artificial  snobbery.

Talk and eloquence  depict an ingenuity.

They sound bombastic with loud exaggerations.


 Delicate inlays are lovely designs.

They enumerate the artisan’s profound  skill.

They are a gorgeous treat to the eyes.

Lending an exuberance to  architecture.


 Clandestine frills are negative designs.

They promote an added incredibility.

They lie heavily on the audience patience.

Extending a superficiality to the oration.


The inlays and frills are deciphered diferently.

Rendering an impressive perception to the  structural ambience,

Offering an artificial indulgence to the oral narration.

 Well! that is how the presentation carries across.