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A Yarn Of Intensity

There being a monument

built of  pale jaipurred stones

standing magnificent

on the side of the road

looking beautiful .


Stopped by to have a look

the interior was fascinating

with a lovely embellishment

all on pillars and ceilings

a creative splendour .


The doors with adornments

intricate and  pretty

the flooring shining and inlaid

with design art

made it even more attractive.


Any work of art

be it architecture or painting

they have an intimacy

that go to spin

a  yarn of   intensity.


A House I Saw.

courtallamHappened to see a house 

went round it in a browse.

It being charming and fine

with a sparkling  shine

chiselled in  architectural  line

with an eye on minute  strains

and a touch on choosy  designs

massive  it was not in size

beautiful it appeared to the eyes

with things on places right

and display in phases bright

setting a tone of   illustration

creating a theme of depiction

more or less a portraiture

done with cement  in a feature

coercing  a feeling of  enchantment

with an impact of  fulfillment.

America Missing

French Windows.Having nothing to do in the evening
trying to get occupied started working
on the list of ornate materials in order
that go to make up a loveliness in border
of that of a building a house of dream.

to run through the floors and walls.
The Belgium glasses ,mirrors and light fittings
would look extraordinary and would prove a beating.
The large windows go close with the French
letting in lot of light and brightness in a pinch.
Teak and rose wood from Myanmar encompass
the furniture instilling a tenacity and grandeur in a pause.
The Indian brass exquisitely crafted and the granite stones
extend a unique blend of tradition and modernity in a tone,
Going through the compilation could not trace out
any American input in my list throughout.

Inlays And Designs.

inlays and designs are embellishments in art.

They expose a fabulous creativity

Pillars and portraits excel in intrinsic style.

They look gorgeous with beautiful inlays.


Frills and frescoes are blemish in talk.

They broadcast an artificial  snobbery.

Talk and eloquence  depict an ingenuity.

They sound bombastic with loud exaggerations.


 Delicate inlays are lovely designs.

They enumerate the artisan’s profound  skill.

They are a gorgeous treat to the eyes.

Lending an exuberance to  architecture.


 Clandestine frills are negative designs.

They promote an added incredibility.

They lie heavily on the audience patience.

Extending a superficiality to the oration.


The inlays and frills are deciphered diferently.

Rendering an impressive perception to the  structural ambience,

Offering an artificial indulgence to the oral narration.

 Well! that is how the presentation carries across.





Grandeur In Magnificence.

I snatched an opportunity to pop into a beautiful mansion, built in the early twentieth century in a a tiny hamlet Kadiapatti , in Chettinad.The family, who owns the house , are our close associates . The father , who is in his late eighties ,is a good friend of my dad. My Dad passed away recently. His daughters , who are in the U.S are more or less the same age of my sister and myself. We used  to spend days together in Chennai and in Madurai , during our  holidays, but never bothered to see this marvellous edifice. 

I usually criss cross the area once in few months, but could not make it to this fine piece of architecture . This time, I resolved to get into the place.As I ienterd into the portals of this ebullient expression, I was struck by the beauty . The chaste, stylish decor,halted  my  forward move. I could not shift my perception.i was astounded.

In astonishment , I  took the next step. More ornate pieces of art were got caught by my eyes..  The  third and fourth steps brought the sheen and glow of the lounge. The mesmerising enthrallment was experienced once I climbed up the seventh step.The  wood work  is intricate and closely designed. The polish is immaculate. The shine in the doors and wood panels are so wonderful. The frescoes are in good shape and the designs are innovative  The entrance doors are decorative. The top part of the doors depict the various dance poses of Lord Nataraja, the dancing God. The side part of the doors are filled with chiselled  images,small rudrashaksas,and the  small wooden pillars with swans atop are fixed to the door enriching the galore.. The  lounge has got  cute  thinnais or raised platforms , with black and white marble flooring . The platforms are enriched by black granite pillars. The lobby has a  balcony atop  , which  has a fine barricade  with stunning , finely crafted wooden banisters. The barricade is held aloft , by the flying horse , painted in white and soft blue. There is also a row of decorative wooden piece of art , shaped as a plantain flower . The sharp edges of this flowers are made of silver.They glisten as the sunlight falls on them.

The furniture in the lounge are in perfect harmony to the place. The wooden centre tables with excellent workmanship,the chairs with elegant stature, and the long chair with  tasteful inlaid work add charm to the decked place. There is also a long, high panel of mirrors  affixed to a frame of exquisite design , which make us gape in wonder.

The pillars and the mirrors are covered  by cloth , to keep them away from dust and rough handling.The lobby ,alone posed  a magnificent  grandeur.It is a peep into the past. It is a resounding echo of the skills of the artisans. It is an imperious adventure of the  ardent lover of art. It is a pursuit of excellence and magnificence.In  a nutshell ,it is ravishingly beautiful.