The Protests

protestsThe protests down the lane
shouting has become profane
objections are to be raised
need not become a pursuit.

An agitation there may be in form
could be silent and firm not in storm
requiring no chaos and dilemma
the gravity should be made to be felt.

The mere anger and cries there be
could no longer bring change in the alibi
working out on a pact that strikes
and knocks the doors of the programs.

Following it up in great punctuality
executing the design with balanced itinerary
leads to a classic destination of progress
ensuing a thrive and prosperity in the sojourn

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Ssilenceilence is golden is the saying.
It is a contradiction in the upswing
Keeping your mouth shut is not a virtue.
likely you resemble more of a statue.
Arming yourself with words for defence
will not at any cost bring you offence.
Where greed and competition get the best.
muting your voice will put you to test.
When evil and lies surge up to the front.
sitting tight-lipped will bring you brunt.
In this era this adage has been put to test
when all things good or bad demands a protest.

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A Mutiny

A revolt among the powerful,

Dethroning and sacking the rightful,

Establishing and settling the unlawful,

Is a mutiny in general.



A conspiracy in privacy,

Hatching a plot in secrecy,

Executing the ploy in efficiency.

Is a mutiny in particular.



Sometimes mutiny  releases good,

As it uproots the rude,

Brings in the shrewd,

Is a mutiny special.


Most times mutiny despatches illegality,

As it usurps the legality,

Paving the way to  infirmity,

Is Mutiny in regular.


Upheavals are not to be  discarded,

When  they entrust a  record,

For the uplift of the have-nots.

Is a mutiny  in distinction.


Protests are to be applauded,

When they are  for the downtrodden,

Relieving the hearts saddened,

Is a mutiny  in grace.










A Mutiny