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A Mutiny

A revolt among the powerful,

Dethroning and sacking the rightful,

Establishing and settling the unlawful,

Is a mutiny in general.



A conspiracy in privacy,

Hatching a plot in secrecy,

Executing the ploy in efficiency.

Is a mutiny in particular.



Sometimes mutiny  releases good,

As it uproots the rude,

Brings in the shrewd,

Is a mutiny special.


Most times mutiny despatches illegality,

As it usurps the legality,

Paving the way to  infirmity,

Is Mutiny in regular.


Upheavals are not to be  discarded,

When  they entrust a  record,

For the uplift of the have-nots.

Is a mutiny  in distinction.


Protests are to be applauded,

When they are  for the downtrodden,

Relieving the hearts saddened,

Is a mutiny  in grace.










A Mutiny



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Out You Go!

A strange phenomenon has set in,

With a dashing impudence,

Creating a  fiery diaspora,

With bloodshed and death,

Enacting a rebellious revolt,

Permeating  a perspiration of exhaustion,

Caused by the overworked mind,

Lashing out a  protest ,

Of displeasure and disenchantment,

More so of indignation and  humiliation,

Finally the catastrophe  overwhelms,

Pickering a diagnosed destruction,

By framing a fallible resolution,

That of  discord and discontent,

Ending up in a foreclosure of autocracy,

Initiating a disclosure  of democracy,

Though seemingly weak,

But intrinsically stoic,

May be at default occasionally,

But mostly reliable  and worthy,

Hail to thee power of people!

Out  you go wicked  autocracy!!





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Fallen Angel

Egypt is in great anguish,

 As the revolution is in full swing,

Upheaval has taken its wings,

 Against Mubarak  who is in a tight fix,

Thirty  long years of his reign,

Has caused a   rebellion,

Which  exhibits series of protests,

By the people  against his regime,

More so against his wish,

To anoint  his son as his successor.

Mubarak has been trapped unexpectedly

As  his  own army withdraws its support,.

His mentor the United States has deserted him,

As they always do in every crucial move,

Leaving him alone  to face the turbulence,

Which has led to dire consequences,

Of blood and death,massacre and killing,

Making the old man desperate and desolate

Pushing him to a state of defeat and shame,

Puncturing his grit and tenor,

Plotting a violent manipulation and  terrible scheming,

Against the eighty-four year old leader,

Who has fallen from  glory to misery,

And now , at last he is a “Fallen Angel”