Brevity Being The Way

brevityBrevity being the soul of the wit
nailing it on the head with a hit
the beating around the bush  takes away a bit
that of long winding expressions  engages a pit
the inconvenience  frames a web in close-knit
leaving an uneasiness all through being  unfit
the over and above  narrations open out  a dull outfit.
As such these have to be eschewed from the list
the attempt to propose everything in a gist
finds its way  with an untold bliss.


The Impertinence

Annoyed at impertinence 

I sat in a corner

gazing at the sky

with my mind at vie.


The battle of wits

as it would go

gave a severe blow

while the mind fell  apart.


The atrocity was overwhelming

The man being paid

exceeding the prescribed  limit

made the heart  sad.


He taking for granted

went up and down

being discourteous   to his chief

incurring the wrath  in brief.


The coterie which surrounds him

unknowing of his status

inflates  his ego so high

making him tall and sly.


Time has come to circumscribe

putting Impertinence him under control

if not he has to be chucked out

lest he would pose a thorn throughout.