Mother’s Day Calls.

Mother’s Day  calls

what a fanfare they create

hugs and kisses all profuse

gifts of kinds expensive and memorable.


I sit with amusement

had been a mother for long

no calls for me yet

means my sons do not think of me

I do not fret.


I wish  not to be thought of

I am fine and would be so

a call will not change

as the three of them talk to me

with immense love  and utmost care.


They find nothing special

being a Mother’s Day or any other.

well, that is good and beautiful

seeing them healthy and wealthy

makes me ever happy.History_History_of_Mothers_Day_SF_still_624x352







Kuala Lumpur –A City for All

A city of importance

Kuala Lumpur  professes

a great distinction

cosmopolitan in outlook

not very expensive

a city of  potential

heavily trafficked

a beautiful place

with a lot of attractions

the twin towers of recent

to the Bird’s park to nature lovers

malls of sophistication all over

high rise buildings stand atop

with a weather pleasant

rains every evening

the city of the east

could be dubbed

as an affordable one

whilst Singapore  being adjacent

speaks discipline and decorum

this city is not very tight in a sense

prone to burglary and mini thefts

it has a grace of its own

being simple to simple folks

claiming  snobbishness too

where people turn to be fashionable

a city to you and me and all

 that could be its call.


The Natural Design

The silvery line of the sky
the sun’s golden hue
an attire of sapphire over the waters of the ocean
the hills with an emerald tinge
the orchards with fruits hanging like rubies
the dew drops sitting pretty like pearl
the tomatoes exhibiting the tone of the corals
the stars come out twinkling like diamonds
with that the platinum designations come forward
extending a lovely thematic expensive aura of delight.


A Disgrace.

Sleeping with the windows all closed

with curtains pulled over   safe and secured

with the air conditioner buzzing

and the fan revolving

the sun rise is never seen being a treat

nor the birds early morning greets

else the breeze that kisses your face

all go without being heard or being traced

knowing not for ever  intensely

how much  of nature’s liveliness

that bid the mind and body

that send significant energy down the system

goes unseen and unfelt

Not being the fault of Nature

very much the practice of human

seeking solace in artificiality

ignoring the natural benefits in a sensation

then go in search of such relaxation

where again the fellow-man makes money

with resorts and spas all over in plenty TLBestof_2010

A disgrace to man  indeed!





Dollars And Cents Count.

With a life governed by financials

having to lock up in accounts

the ease to spend gets curtailed

the thought of buying takes a back seat

with the mind crowded by dollars and cents

the beauty gets going in the reverse

as so the intention to purchases gets faded

while the dollars and cents rule the reign

being a mere paper with a value printed

overwhelms the intrinsic merit of ar

that makes a hastened retreat

lies rusting  on grounds

until a prospective buyer

with no restrictive flow of money appears

buying it and restoring it to glory

such breed is rare in these times of crisis

where economy is in shambles

while food and water is  becoming expensive

there is no place for art and artifacts

while the connoisseur of art

satisfies in getting things seen  alone

where possession becomes a rarity

being expensive and above his (3)



Diamonds thoughts

Pink,White and Yellow Diamonds

Lovely colours  aren’t they?

They make us gay ,

All through the day,

I have lot more to say.


Pink is  the lovely rose,

Pink are the chubby cheeks,

Pink  are the cotton candies,

Oh!There are pink diamonds too.


White diamonds dazzle,

Yellow ones sparkle,

Pink extends a twinkle,

All from the carbon carbuncle.


Pink diamond is a gorgeous  treat,

Found in the mines of Argyle,

A gem rare  with a charm upbeat,

Oh!It is  fabulously expensive .


Yellow and White diamonds are a costly call,

Eluding the grasp of all,

Pink  ones remains a coveted  tall,

Appropriate to  the monarchy’s haul.


Delight of seeing induces a pleasure,

Desire to hold incites a longing,

Indeed it is a valid value,

No matter how small you might be.


Possession of those might  make you beam,

Owning those is a precious dream,

Mostly those might pass on to the cream,

Few of those could make your ring finger gleam.


Pink diamonds turn you pink,

Prices rule out an angry pink,

Lustre  spells out a blushing pink,

An owning  foretells a futuristic  pink.


Well,the story of diamonds is interesting,

Black cinders  after million of years  inputting,

Validate as precious gems scintillating,

Oh! it is a tale of lowly forcing a pop out  struggling.