Dollars And Cents Count.

With a life governed by financials

having to lock up in accounts

the ease to spend gets curtailed

the thought of buying takes a back seat

with the mind crowded by dollars and cents

the beauty gets going in the reverse

as so the intention to purchases gets faded

while the dollars and cents rule the reign

being a mere paper with a value printed

overwhelms the intrinsic merit of ar

that makes a hastened retreat

lies rusting  on grounds

until a prospective buyer

with no restrictive flow of money appears

buying it and restoring it to glory

such breed is rare in these times of crisis

where economy is in shambles

while food and water is  becoming expensive

there is no place for art and artifacts

while the connoisseur of art

satisfies in getting things seen  alone

where possession becomes a rarity

being expensive and above his (3)