Kuala Lumpur –A City for All

A city of importance

Kuala Lumpur  professes

a great distinction

cosmopolitan in outlook

not very expensive

a city of  potential

heavily trafficked

a beautiful place

with a lot of attractions

the twin towers of recent

to the Bird’s park to nature lovers

malls of sophistication all over

high rise buildings stand atop

with a weather pleasant

rains every evening

the city of the east

could be dubbed

as an affordable one

whilst Singapore  being adjacent

speaks discipline and decorum

this city is not very tight in a sense

prone to burglary and mini thefts

it has a grace of its own

being simple to simple folks

claiming  snobbishness too

where people turn to be fashionable

a city to you and me and all

 that could be its call.


A City Would Perish.

A soothsayer says

the city would perish

would be devoured by water

sooner or later mostly in 2016

could not believe it in whole

could not let it as farce

am in a dilemma day in and day out

what should I do? tell me in short

as I am perplexed and sad.Underwater city mockup 2


New Delhi.

Seen not many places
seen a few of them
that be the important cities
seen not my own capital city
been born and lived so long
that be New Delhi
a beautiful city they say
thrives with a population
lies on a beautiful layout
has many architectural wonders
along a wide sprawling gardens
the city turns misty in the winter
becomes cold during the season
transforms into a hot dusty city
being so in summer
the mercury rises abnormally
a most controversial city
different in appearance
so much apart from the other capitals
yet it breathes life incessantly
never it sleeps to wake. parliamant

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My City

Narrow roads  cross,

Small lanes overlap,

Dead ends  collide.

Cars move on,

Carts go on,

Autos jump on,

Buses drive on,

Lorries hold on.

Men walk stately,

Cattle loiter royally,

Vendors sell merrily,

Hawkers cry loudly,

Police overlook  steadily,

Trespassers overwhelm boldly,

Loud speakers blare noisily,

Divine chants emanate  soberly,

Chaos  in  excellent preserve,

Noise in wonderful reserve,

Happiness in fabulous deserve,

Do you like my city?