Actions Interpretation Lesson thoughts turmoil

The Insidious Impact.

Waters do meet in the ocean,

Lands do track down in a traction,

Wind do blow in a friction,

Men  do set themselves in a session,

Captioning it  as a delightful Conviction.


Rivers have a natural flow,

Lands generally have lovely row,

Winds usually have a gentle blow,

Men hardly go about in a toe.

Deleting justice to an  ultimate  slow.


Waters flood once a while,

Lands slips during the rainy file

Winds storm in occasional  trial,

Men exhibit guile all the while,

Seeking to challenge truth in a vile.


Nature takes on the cyclic course,

In no mean terms, though with force,

Men  go for back stabs in a morose,

Oh! they are the  actors with high resource.