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Like a Sheep

The woods are dark and deep

remain aloof from the whirl

not a sound nor a beep

could be heard in the twirl.


The darkness and stillness

send an awe down the spine

could be a cause of denseness

they signal a caution in the line.


The random roar  of the lion

the far away chatter of the monkeys

the tweets of birds in the line

added by the bray of donkeys.


These tweets and touts  as heard

fall shallow into the wilderness

cross, not the boundaries in a nerd

seem to be insignificant in the  quietness.


The woods are dark and deep

as there are nothing to reap

being hard for one to peep

lies as quiet as a sheep.










In The woods.

In the woods

alone in search of  twigs

gathered  all quick.


Gathered the twigs

lay  scattered in the woods

required for firewood.


Requirement  for firewood

in the days  of electric

turn to the basic.firewood



Deep Into The Woods.

The woods are dark and deep.
They are full of fear in a heap.
The birds twitter and beep.
The animals roar and sleep.
The men tread in and leap
while the wild animals make a sweep
and make hay with their reap
penetrating into the woods by a creep
with the blood soaked preyforest_ranger_post_cards-rc94282649717407b9cb976b1b4328062_vgbaq_8byvr_512 in the tight keep
as the forest rangers go around in their jeep.

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The Gleaming Waterfall

falls3Driving through the dense woods
negotiating through the wild bends
getting across the thick bumps
crossing the bushy hurdles
pushing through the scary path
reached a lovely spot
where there was beautiful waterfall.

The water was gleaming silvery.
At places it fell like white flakes.
At others it poured with a force.
It was pure and glossy
carrying with it a medicated concoction
as it came from the forests
which abound with herbs.

Rushed towards the magnificence
treaded noiselessly to the middle
where the flow was mild and cool
stood below the gushing waters
that splashed all through
cleaning the body of its sweat
clearing the soul of its demeaning thoughts.

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Getting into the woods

Getting into the woods on a lively day,
brought  unfelt experience of gay.

There was  penetration of sun’s rays,

through the dense trees in a trace.

directing to a tiny bay.

There was a march of elephants in a fray,

calling each other in a bray.

The water fell down the hills in a sway,

flowing  quick without delay.

The birds twittered in a joyful  jay,

chirping with a spirited say.

There arose a desire to stay,

 in the splendid woods all the day.