Legacy Passes On

The genes they say
get reflected in the looks
a semblance being found
between mother and daughter.

Finding themselves in appearance
thoughts do catch them
being predominantly seen
as revealed in interactions and speech.

Apparently genes flow across the qualities
might be not shown openly
surfacing explicitly in the behaviour
the resemblance being pronounced.

Watching carefully the attitude of two girls
with whom I am closely associated
drew a parallel between then and their grandmother
they not live close but far away from each other.

They being together for a month in two years
do talk over the modern gadgets
but the two girls subconsciously inherited a quality
that of loving their home much .

The grandmother being tied to her home
enamoured by its charm get things done over a phone
the girls do not relish to venture out
wanting to relax in the comfort of their homes.

This made me deliberate for a while
wherein and how do these children learnt being so
concluded I that it is notgenes4 learning but inheritance
a legacy being passed on to them from their senior


The Rainbow Effect.

The white cat on the red wall
jumped down on the green grass
beautifully kept with violets around.

It strode across the muddy path
leading to a magnificent golden court
where little girls in pink download (9)pinafore stood.

The girls were playing in the twilight
with the blue moon shining over them
as the black night slowly advanced through.

The fluffy cat  hopped over to the blue waters
that lay little off the  orange orchard
where her  brown kittens  loitered about.

Reaching the orchard she sank on the ground
as she being exhausted and tired
while the sky turned indigo as the night advanced.


Pink And Blue.

Girls like pink
boys love blue
Pink and blue
dominate every buy.
The dress is pink
school bag pink
pencil pink
and everything pink
cries my pink little girl.
Blue is not for me
it is for boys
and turns not on blue.
She touches not blue
anything blue is for her brother.
Seeing the waters blue
in the sea of blue
she exclaims and gasps
so much water for my brother.
Know not what to say
She soon gets over it
pointing to beds of flowers pink
it is all for me.
A quick reconciliation
and a quick smile
make blue and pink
very delightful colours.

Real People: Caucasian Twins Little Boy and Girl Silly Sunglasse