bark. dark devils dogs mind Poetry worried

The Worried Mind.

worried mindThe worried mind

sees devils in the dark

while dogs bark.

clouds dark night Poetry Rain sky

The Evening Song.

primrose eveningRain comes every evening

the stage is set at 3 in the evening

the clouds gather  slowly in the evening

they come close and close in the evening

seem to have a confidential chat in the evening

they slowly turn colour in the evening

grey becomes dark and then black in the evening

the moisture rises up in the evening

the clouds cool and fall as droplets in the evening

start as a drizzle and pick up to a storm in the evening

the rains lash and pour in torrents in the evening

they fall very heavy till 5 in the evening

the sky clears and the clouds move in the evening

the light turns off and night enters diffusing the evening

with that the sky is dark and there is no more evening.

bright character dark fail. Poetry veil

The Soft She Was.

Soft she was in her talk
smile she did at any task
a tenderness not shown to all
she could also hurt in a call.

Soft she was with her children always
never did she restrict their ways
wayward they went as times passed
uncontrollable they became very fast.

Just like that she made spiteful remarks
easily she passed such in a flowing embark
never once felt she had hurt so many others
that was her character in short rather.

Her children brought her ignominy
she kept aside all those as a testimony
the failure in not chastising her kids
got compensated in all her other bids.crime_fraud3

That way she lived and passed
never thought she has trespassed
her darker side was veiled
bright side of her face failed.

Not that I want to say anything ill of her
the stab she unwittingly inflicted on others
leaves a dismay and disappointment in a tell
a stigma she has left behind her in a shell.

dark Poetry

Dark As It Holds –2

Never can we say

dark is a glow.

Never can we prove

dark is  a flow.

Never can we assure

dark is  cheer.

Be it here or anywhere

dark permeates with a horror

persuades a terror

preserves a fervour

that be one of a shiver

and also be one of a quiver


dark Poetry Wisdom

Dark As It Holds

Dark is a feature  not to fear
a colour  not so dear
dark when seen near
throws one out of gear
that be the review of dark
when the dogs bark
could not hear the lark
mind you it also rocks
as the night life rambles
many indulge in gambles
it might be a preamble
it might also look a stumble
Well, for every coin they say
there are two sides in a way
dark holds a bewilder
it also creates a  divider
from the known to the unknown
as against wisdom and ignorancedark