Man a Vegetable.

He is a vegetable now
He became so
after got overthrown
hit right on the spot
he sunk into a coma .

Three months have gone
still he remains so
his wife and children
shocked to see him initially
now think of him as a burden.

Hospital bills are huge
there is no improvement what soever
he lies without any move
like a dead mean
breathing alone
a sign of lifecoma.


Omnipotent And Omniscient.

It  being slippery

she held her support firmly

taking a step forward

away she went down in a blow

tumbling on the slippery floor

hurting her knee and head

the bone broke into two

the nerves got cut into  halves

lying unconscious there for a moment

then pulled by some unknown

that much she could remember

what happened then after

got revealed  into an untold story

hard to hear the narration

harder still to see the torment omnipotent

she lay like a vegetable

a beautiful girl lost to the world

all in a sudden within a second

that be the end of the life

impermanent and temporary

Yet, man speaks with ire

behaves like an authority

thinking he is immortal

not learning by experience

nor realising the mortality.

considering himself omniscient

and omnipotent always.










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At Last The Snails

The garden abounds with fresh vegetables,

Ripe tomatoes sweep the pathway ,

Green chillies hang  midway,

Eggplants bloom  in purple along the causeway,

Leafy cabbages represent a royalty all the way.


Rains fall  in a heavy downpour,

Flooding the garden in  an uninterrupted sway,

The lovely vegetables get soaked in a desolate gay,

The earth looks like a marshy  tray

Snails big and small move about in the way.


They go about in a pace so slow ,

Coiling and recoiling in a manner so graphic,

Drawing into their hard shells seem so specific,

Over a period they multiply in numeric,

The garden encounters a danger symbolic.


The water recedes gradually  ,

The soil   happens to look like a slushy muddle,

The vegetables lie rotten in the muddle,

The snails track down the puddle,

The garden appears like an unsolved riddle.