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The Story Of the Vampire

Vampires existed in folk-lore.

They were depicted in tales of yore.

They created a bloody sore.

They sucked the blood to the core.


Mythology abounds with their  horror portraits

Greeks and Romans spoke of their terror straight.

Christianity refers allegorically to their existence  in trait.

Asians represent the being with hair hanging upright.


Vampires are no more myths in the real sense.

They are found almost in every place over the fence.

Oppression is a sign of drinking blood  beyond the lens.

The powerful go about with unmindful impertinence.


The potent do play a havoc with rigour.

The cheats out beat them by their trigger.

Treachery is a connivance that creates a snigger.

Ruthlessness is an atrocity that condemns all others to a meagre.


There are innumerable sects of vampires  in society.

As countless incidents contribute to their impropriety.

Folk-lore did not pass on anything without sobriety.

Nevertheless the stories of vampires kindle our anxiety.




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A Call For Quality

It is quality that account all round.

The quality should  profusely abound.

Behaviour should never rebound.

Qualitative dimensions stand around.

Food should never rewound.

Prime quality mark the ground.

Education should never confound.

High quality grants wisdom profound.

Quantity should submit with  bound.

Quality should outweigh all with an emphatic resound.








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At Last The Snails

The garden abounds with fresh vegetables,

Ripe tomatoes sweep the pathway ,

Green chillies hang  midway,

Eggplants bloom  in purple along the causeway,

Leafy cabbages represent a royalty all the way.


Rains fall  in a heavy downpour,

Flooding the garden in  an uninterrupted sway,

The lovely vegetables get soaked in a desolate gay,

The earth looks like a marshy  tray

Snails big and small move about in the way.


They go about in a pace so slow ,

Coiling and recoiling in a manner so graphic,

Drawing into their hard shells seem so specific,

Over a period they multiply in numeric,

The garden encounters a danger symbolic.


The water recedes gradually  ,

The soil   happens to look like a slushy muddle,

The vegetables lie rotten in the muddle,

The snails track down the puddle,

The garden appears like an unsolved riddle.