The Mantra Of Earning

The means to earn being many

as there is an obsession of the penny

people go about in actions  funny

thinking of ways uncanny.


The thought of filling up the coffers

has been long with offers

that imply  quick  transfers

leaving in between a lot of buffer.


Acquiring the best in all possibility

sabotaging the obstacles in the proximity

getting straight into the feasibility

swindling off the wholesome in spontaneity.


This being the mantra of earning

as everyone talks of the success with feeling

having to lose the integrity in money making

that be the authenticity in the ruling.




Condemn it as Jealousy.


The jealousy rises on no basis.
it being a taint of the mind.
Feeling envy is in the blood
The grudge that comes up
needs no reason whatsoever.
The expression overcomes the analysis
being solely out of greed
nay not be it also the competence
that holds a larger share.
The thought of not able to achieve as much.
The feeling of not equalling the physical looks.
The desire to outsmart and out beat a success
all these go to bring in the hot jealousy
way in and way this goes along
day in and day out this happens
being impossible to smother the claim
the spurt of unusual feel happens all of a sudden
this spontaneous and that which had been inherent
along with the one that has been accumulating with the years
bursts out unimaginably creating a dire consequence
condemn it to as jealousy and go your way.


All In Time


life timeReading a lot is a pastime.
Writing a lot is full-time
Listening a lot is part-time.
Watching a lot all time
that be my alibi throughout my lifetime
being an enhancement all the times
giving an exaltation most times
raising my spirit to the sublime every time.
Well, that is how I have been living all the times


The Teachings

With the rains not coming

with the heat not going

there remains a lull all over.


The rains used to fall copiously

minimising the temperature considerably

releasing a sense of happiness all over.


The rains perhaps want to relax

and the heat wanting to punish

there exists  an unpleasant  comfort.


The take easy nature of rains

and the penalising attitude of the sun

have evaporated the earth of its  moisture.


The  parched land looks ugly

the sad faces appear desolate

depicting an anguish and agony.


Nature does play truant

once in a few years

teaching a lesson to man.


Man languishes in mirth

and diminishes in  melancholy

never once trying to  change.







Diversities Cheer.

Diversities  are found everywhere

No two Ethnic_cheer are alike

there be a difference

that keep us awake.


The land forms are distinctive

with mountains and plains

with slopes and hillocks

with valleys and bends.


The  water mass varies

with oceans and rivers

with streams and ponds

with waterfalls and  lakes .


The human race too falls into the cue

with colour  and features

with the  speech and behaviour

with movements and manner.


The language also goes with them

each one speaking different

diction and pronunciation go beyond

usage and process go within.


Seasons are no way behind

with sun and rain

with cold and hot

with the variations going fast.


Diversities keep us in the run

as monotony would lend a boredom

seeing the same old thing again

sends us into the steam.