The Angry Little Girl

Throwing her school bag

the little one rushed to me

pitching herself against me

she made daring gestures.

Know not why she was angry

got her by the frills of her frock

querying the reason for her anger

I got not a lovely smile usually being hers.

Caught in a turmoil and apprehension

thinking how to bring back her to her usual self

I sat silent for a while with patience untold

putting up with her tantrums all the same.

Having been quite some time

she came to me with heads down

saying she had a bad time at school

getting reprimanded by her teacher .

I let her at that level

not bothering her with my curiosity

as I knew it would intensify further

took hold of her and ran my fingers through her hair

angry girl


The Versification Subtle

versificationTeaching through poetry
being not easy as a song
that comes from the heart
set on its own tune and rhythm
not bound by any metric trend
be the way of many a poet.

Going rapturous over nature
with the beauty exhilarating
the rose calling you
and the trees beckoning you
could be clothed in verse
with a joy and with physical attribution.

Be not the same with the abstract
that of dealing with ideals exact
the verse come forth with a didactic note
enhancing the qualities that are to be adapted
leaving out those that are to be eschewed
there be a significant restraint and serenity around.

Each one writes differently with a style
likes not to be dictated by the famous
just being they are recognised
they tend to be authoritative in their approach
which the lesser poet likes not most
for being lesser does not mean poorer in skill and content


My Style.

Didactic, preachy,
laborious, round about
comes the accusation
not in this platform didacticbut elsewhere
with reference to my poems
telling a simple thing
with lot of gerunds
and in a round about way
add to the complaint
looking at them felt worried
then brushed aside the criticism
as I feel I write out of passion
write for my satisfaction
not for money or fame
if round about be not to their appeal
let it be so as I continue to write
I am happy for whatever it is
let that be the end.


The Patch Up

Distressing it was to hear the news

there being a move to fix it up with a truce

abiding by the norms and regulations

the effort found no light in the revision.

The failure to patch up became obvious

the defeat looks mostly infectious

as there being successions long

where the breakups have been strong.

Anything once broken is hard to reset

with the original getting battered

the restructure becomes a poor assembling

releasing a resemblance quite disturbing.

The enigma of relations being strange

with the ideals being ordained in a range

that when once it gets shattered vehemently

could never be packed without fissures decently.

patch up