India Goes For Elections.

The elections on the way
the Indian sub continent bustles all day
with parties holding talks throughout
going for a combination not feasible utmost
still pursuing for the sake of elections
then after that break with no restrictions.

The feverish days are well advancing
along with the fiery sun ranging in delirium
the parties busy with their electoral promises
drafting their speeches with statistical treatise
pitching candidates not seeing their capacity
mostly relying on their monetary possibility .

The country known for its brains and keen insight
falls short when it comes to the elections straight
thinking not of the long run that which the country needs at present
going by the short-sighted throw awayselections of the most recent
wherein the parties excel in luring the people easily
with their not so rightful derivatives relatively


The Man Supersedes

Science and technology have reached heights
travelling has become easy and cheap
with people able to fly over
from arctic to antarctic
all in a day’s go.

Wrapping up all so easily by man
could he be the champion of every cause
having the medical world under control
the space ships within his limits
going by the brain in all angles.

He with pride innate and inbuilt
walks with a sense of triumph
there being nothing to outwit him
forgetting there be so many capacities
that he has to achieve still.

That being the case for him to believe
he supersedes the attributions that pin him
knowing not his acclaim be not real
humility taking the back seat
while humanity walks with head high .


The Reluctance

cookThe bowl being empty
with nothing in stock
reluctant to prepare anything
sat in a corner stiffly bored
the day in and day out
handling the ladle and vessels
boiling rice in the pan
into the making of broth
and the salads colourful
becomes a bug bear
so now in a status
with nothing in preparation
no material ready to eat
with the hunger unabated
and the strain in doing things
appeasing the hunger with water
sitting once again in the corner
with a fatigue not felt ever
the eyelids closing with a vigour
off into an hallucination
with dreams coming in a sequence
not relating to any consequence.


Googling Tommy

Rolling like a bunny
looking so funny
moving with the tummy
the breeze blowing balmy
went little Tommy
across the waters foamy
drenching himself slowly
grunting in a voice lowly
appearing very ugly
lost himself entirely
googling could not trace him wholly
that being the end of Tommy googling