The General Rule

The rose is rosefemale_muscle-11 mostly
there are roses in all colours too
the general rule goes
with rose being rose in colour.

Arguably the generality is accepted
rose brings to mind the colour rose
so do any issue that go by the rule
the majority claims the dominance.

Poems, as all believe go well with rhythm and rhyme
there are others called blank verse
profess equal charm and melody as a song
give a musical form and tone in all.

Boys, by the term are mischievous
boisterous to the very essence
there are few exceptions to the general
the ones who are meek and mild.

Girls are dainty like petals
soft and pretty like a flower
a few tend to be a challenge to the form
with structure heavy and massive.

The general claims a validity
with the numerical advantage in the run
that might not be all pervasive
as exceptions find their way close.


The Ethics

The ethics tell
not to spite and bite
there rings a ethics_stabs bell


The Indian Diet.

A lot of supplements in the diet
with spinach and roots
leafy and fresh vegetables
the nuts and fruits in proportion
enrich the food with nutrition
also with calcium and vitamins
necessary for the growth and health.

The spices and condiments in ratio
make us live with cheer
destroying the infections that arise
with the pollution at large
and immunity a way away
re equipping the body with vigour
that too building a resistance
able to fight any physical discomfort.

The diet has to be balanced
with sweet and sour equal
along with spicy and bitter
comprise the Indian diet thali
with boiling in the maximum
and frying a little less
propose a feature of excellence.


The Wretched Lady

She calls me now and then over phone
brief she would talk at times
lengthy she would go most times
talking of events of past
telling of details present
all with precision abrupt.

She expects a listening patient
traces our distraction
offended she becomes at this juncture
shoots a retort in the quick
closes down the phone in anger
an act of rashness all the more.

She lives away from all friends and relatives
most do not wish to communicate with her
for fear of behaviour harsh
as she goes on with fiery swear and curse
breaking into sobs and cries loud
wretched she seems to be then.

Unless she mends her ways
none would renew stress-cartoonthe ties
her tempers always on the rise
unpredictable and scary
force even the closest to run away
poor lady she has to start anew.