The Premium.

Going by premium

brings in benefits  to maximum

giving out minimum.



The Doors Screech.

The night being still

with a darkness so intense

no stars found in the sky

with the waning moon

seen very slight

on the whole there being

a stillness and chill

evolving a fright  and fear

as darkness always shows

an apprehension and scare

holding his breath he moved

hastening without a noise

stealthily moved into the house

which was totally dark

where none lived for long

opened the door gently

there rung an alarm

resonating all through

waking the people around

who rushed in with lights

the man knowing not what to do

ran inside the house

where the doors screeched

and the windows croaked

he went straight ahead

knocked himself down

and lay there dead

with his jaws wide open.

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The Tree Calls.

The   trees  in the garden

 called me near with a request

 hearing their call I went closer

 they bent down to talk to me 

I stood on my heels to reach them

 they bent into half  or even lower

still could not reach me

 I trying to lift  my heels 

could push no further

we , both at different levels

 being able to hear each other

 got into the conversation

 with the tree asking me 

 never to cut her  or uproot her

 as she is my well-wisher

 and would prove a great asset 

with her branches wide and largedownload (65)

 warding off the dust  and pollution

remain faithful to my children also.

Stroking her with love 

I assured her that I would never do harm 

as I relish her company more than anything.





Empty be the mind

with no thoughts whatsoever

the eyes blinking with no feel

the ears listening to nothing

the whole system unaware

the happenings  go unseen

that be the crisis  one undergoes

when the mind gets stuck

paralyzing the whole

stifling the entire

sinking  to depths

empty mind