A Tale of Fraud.

Hailed great once  

Being the wealthiest once

Finding listed in Billionaires  once .

Seems to be nowhere now.


Made money by hook

Won success by crook.

Reached the top by hooking.

Seems to be nowhere now.


Enacting rags to riches story.

selling snacks with all worry.

Turned away by banks is a story.

Managed to rise up


Getting money from the poor

say five, ten, dollars for sure

Got deposits all over.

Manipulated them to rise above.


Went round  the streets in a bike

owned a fleet of air planes  to strike .

transformed into a character whom all liked

Rose to great heights all at once.


Lived in a two room hut  in the earlier years

Bought a  sprawling bungalow  in 270 acres  in the years

radiated with high spirit great cheer

Rose to great  heights all at once.


Law , was turned and twisted  with great diligence

Politicians   and officials recognised his relevance

He has got paid for his indulgence .

Would be behind the bars very soon. Feiffer-fraud-panel1








All Around

The years have gone by
with the tears flowing down
nothing is moving up
there being a stagnancy all around.

The days going in the right
with the acts turning left
nothing is progressing straight
there being a halt all around.

The hours are going west
with the sun rising east
nothing is promising north or south
there being a stop all around. 

The rays are falling vertical
with the shadow showing horizontal
nothing there could be broad or narrow
there being  no move all around.

As there be a stoppage in the light
with the natural darkness in the night
nothing there could be in the  life
there being no proportion seen all around.  shadow


Stanzas Irregular.

A wonder yonder

keeping one asunder

restricting the mind’sdownload (63) wander

away very much from the plunder .


There goes the gander

moving with a tender

with the gaiety in render

delighting the vendor.


There flies a slander

baseless but larger

provoking anger

ignited with a fervour.


There  be a warrior

known for his valour

with his armour

marching over.


There  runs  a rumour

about a lady in glamour

who is a paramour

possessing a distinct  flavour.


These are stanzas irregular

about the topics regular

told not in a blabber

but with a pinch of humour.








The Man Yells.

He is in delirium

with the high feverishness

might be out of a tedium

also be of an awareness.


He who has not been doing well

lately in business and relations

with hs fortunes  pulling into a shell

his mind being tormented with affectations.


Knowing that men howl

when they face  any onslaught

be that of failure in all

that could not be fought .


He being not the one  great

subjected he be to decisions

which make him wriggle in a rate

leading him to manifold aberration

One such being anger extreme

shouting and yelling  during crisis

with shattering of all his dreams

he sinks into a depression in an axis.

download (62)

Recovery would be slow

as he has to train up his mind

with his pockets  wholly hollow

he is seeking a new find.