Apprehensive In All.

A turn not foreseen

A twist not possible.

All these found a place.


 Catching unaware

falling into the whirlpool

 life goes on.


A journey which was for a holiday

has become frequent and for occupation

never knew it would transform so.


It has happened  all of a sudden

going by the events

it would continue lifelong.


How to get out from the cesspool?

a deliberation one is into

hoping to hatch an  idea quick


Ideas do loom in

not  so forceful to pull out

appear weak in the  magnitude


Oh! how to get out in style

without hampering as all

feeling apprehensive   straight.apprehensive-arti-chauhan






A Freak

A man was seething with anger

he was looking daggers

Eyes were blood-shot


Calling everything foul.

Accusing everyone faulty

Alleging a child too finally.


The cause not known.

It must be deep and bad

It should be intense and sad.


Gathering around found

He has lost financially

now deemed a bankrupt. officially.


Despondency makes him so.

desolation reaps  an indignation

Failure results in depression.


That be the reason for his anger.

Fuming and fretting all the while

not able to come to terms  in the guile


The crisis is so serious and grave

His waywardness brought him  low

ditching him down  in slow.


Redemption is beyond means

nothing could bring change

He has turned a freak. in a range.


The mind can make

a man or mar him greatly

he being doomed  lately.


The tomb was his creation

built brick by brick disobeying law

by his folly and flaw


Fallen a prey to his vices

lost his identity in the crucial swing

now stands yelling and shouting.