The Dark Knight

The dark Knight
wearing shield shining very bright
proposed chivalrous sight.knight with armor bright


Bringing Up Children

bringing up children

Spend more time with your children

that would be for a promise

looking after them with care

would prove to be a bliss.

Spend time not money on them

as the attention you devote necessarily

hastens in a great progress definitely

that would be an achievement in the float.

Spending money on them and on their wish

could lead them to a growth phenomenal

being like a cat on the wall watching deliberately

aiming on a rise or a slip into a fall.

The extravaganza you put forth

putting them in expensive boarding schools

pulls them off from you two-fold

creating a distance in proximity and affection.

Pampering them with largess in all

Settling them in comforts in full

reposes them in a faith untoward

they not knowing the reality in an entertain.

That be the way to bring up children

monitoring them closely yet away

being not an expense too much nor too little

a balanced juxtaposition that would delight.


Time Factor

Time they say
being the essence
that being great
that being important
with a punctuality
going by the reliability
enhancing the effect
diminishing in the track
an exaltation of the validity
an enumeration of the benefits
there being a course not one of fun
but being a source of undaunted rehearsal.


How Do You Spend Time?

The regular chores wherever you may be
be it in your home town or abroad
seem to be the same all throughout.

Amused I find myself when people ask
how you spend time over board?
straightening up I thinks for a while.

Nothing pretty different for me anywhere
with the routine behind you
reading, writing and cooking.

With the roof over the head as it should be
with a comfortable working space
I feel no difference wherever it be.

Shopping has always been not my way of life
with a few wants and desire
find great comfort at home with my companions.

Companions, you might wonder who could they be?
there be not life around but lively things across
throwing light on topics of interests that carry me on.

By now,bloggingyou would have guessed what they are?
being that of books and my computer
those take me around the world from where I am ?

After giving out so much I ponder
why they be so inquisitive on my day-to-day work?
as I am a very ordinary person known not by many.

I settle down with ease quiet looking around
they be asking all these for the sake of talking
a time pass for them not for anything serious as I think.