How Do You Spend Time?

The regular chores wherever you may be
be it in your home town or abroad
seem to be the same all throughout.

Amused I find myself when people ask
how you spend time over board?
straightening up I thinks for a while.

Nothing pretty different for me anywhere
with the routine behind you
reading, writing and cooking.

With the roof over the head as it should be
with a comfortable working space
I feel no difference wherever it be.

Shopping has always been not my way of life
with a few wants and desire
find great comfort at home with my companions.

Companions, you might wonder who could they be?
there be not life around but lively things across
throwing light on topics of interests that carry me on.

By now,bloggingyou would have guessed what they are?
being that of books and my computer
those take me around the world from where I am ?

After giving out so much I ponder
why they be so inquisitive on my day-to-day work?
as I am a very ordinary person known not by many.

I settle down with ease quiet looking around
they be asking all these for the sake of talking
a time pass for them not for anything serious as I think.


The Desire Mounting

Total Contentment BullfrogAny desire is an outcome 

that be of food or shopping

or be of achievement and power

arising out of a need , requirement

or more subtly termed as discontent.


The pressing need overwhelms

the desire punches out extensively

a craving sets in disastrously

a longing lasts deliberately

that cannot be checked at cost.


The food prepared at home

being not to taste and palatable

with no variety and style in the go

the liking to dine out

spurts  up incessantly .


The requirement of things

that be the accessories

or be the provisions

a one time shopping would do

being pervasive and invasive.


The small and tiny purchase

necessitated by the love for buying

prompts a go out  for the sake

that be the habit prone

could do nothing but to rush out.

The satisfaction with what one has

be it food ,power or wealth

the contentment one develops

during the course of life

settles their want and presents no venturing.


As I talk and write now’

I could visualise for sure

many rising their brows

looking daggers at me

calling me an anachronism

an out dated person in the go.

Actions concept denial Evolution Expenses Experience feelings justifiable Poem thoughts

Justifiable denial

denialismDenials are justifiable too.
They might call for a sue.
They might erupt a boo.
They are to be pronounced true.

Denying is not a crime as most think.
It becomes essential leading to a link.
It might be impromptu coming out in a wink.
Sometimes it ought to be as bold as one written in ink.

It might be hard to say ‘no’.
It might sound odd to refuse in a row.
It might force one to lift the brow.
Some feel it is unpleasant to say it even to a foe.

It has to be said at any cost.
As all good things would never last.
Many kind acts disappear fast.
It is only the pricks and thorns that holds out the mast.

Affirming every act and deed is away from practice.
Confirming every theory is never a treatise.
Condemning becomes almost an outcome of the novice.
A stout denial is the most sought out application in the indices.

Hence learn to say “no” with a justification.
This word never reflects dissatisfaction.
Instead it expresses a negative coordination.
Directing all to a prescribed destination.