The Girl Hiding Behind The Mother

Hiding behind her mother

 the little girl  peeped out

 while coming out now and then

winked at me for sure.


Her mother was talking to me serious

 I could not cope with her Shy Girl Hiding Behind Mother's Dresssobriety

my eyes were on the little one

longing to have a glimpse now and then.


As she winked in the intervals

I winked back wiith a grin

she giggled and hid behind

the scene went on for long.


The mother not knowing what was happening

went along with her narration

hoping that i would listen

did not stop in between.


With my attention on the girl

heard nothing of her mother’s tale

when the mother completed her story

I was nowhere in the midst.


The mother asked me few questions

trusting I would give an answer

I, knowing not what was told

blinked and mumbled something.


The mother got offended

walked away dragging the little one

the girl turned and gave another wink

winking back I sat satisfied.



An Irrelevant Man

A man out there
with a sonorous voice
cries foul awful with a glare
revelling in immense rejoice.

He alleges and accuses
what not and what for
tracing faults in every cause
assuring a progress not far.

He bursts out with a craze
over simple things all the more
his eyes are on a chase
knocking everything with a roar.

Never once he speaks less nor low
always on the top and high
taking the upper hand not in the go
but demanding all in a buy.

That be him in all relevance
aligning with him is not worthy
going with him is always a nuisance
as he is up with a game dirty.





The Culmination Of Attitudes

Every day is new

with the morn you are born

with the night you sleep

that be not eternal


The days are special for their goodness

each one having an attribution

that be of birthdays, anniversaries

independence and valentine.


The assumption that these days

carry an influence and joy

takes the cue wrong

being a belief not strong.


Could not all days be a celebration?

radiating mirth and joy

ruminating with kindness and love

sounds a tall claim anyhow.


All days propose a task

the completion releases an achievement

the attainment ushers a salvation

ending up in a culmination of attitudes



Watering The Plants

Watering the plants
seems to be a paramount issue
what not one could do
when the mighty are talking of philanthropy
the lesser ones speak of charity
the watering of plants is quite ordinary
which compels you to grumble

A man I have seen not
making big of the small
talking the worst in the best
doing the bad at times of good
a symbol of perversion you are
an embodiment of wretchedness
there one feels a watering
distaste all the more.

The thought of the plants
bring joy to all in general
while for you they are  an eye sore
and watering them is a great task.
never known such a man
as all in my life the most
a crooked heartless man you look.