The Nuances Of Transition

The days fly away.

The leaves fall down,

The winds surge above.

The thoughts range behind,

There is a movement always

whatever be the posture

there be an up and down

that of a sideways expanse too.

The revolution of the earth around the sun.

The rotation of the earth on transitionits own axis .

The waning and waxing of the moon

all tell us about the motion

The waves coming in and going out

The sky clear turning cloudy.

The day becoming night,

all tell us about the changes routine.

The physic robust tending to become weak.

The youth in form aging to old in frailty

That be the nuances of transition

implying an intrinsic worth and flight


Friendship For Gain

The tendency of people nowadays
goes with a thought of benefits
that could be the cause of friendship
that would be the reason for affection.

Designing a character suitable
all being in an appropriate position
that too moving towards an abrupt destination
where the privileges abound in proportion.

The thought of friendship regardless of gains
looks like an age-old formality in the run
when people showed affection for the sake of love
expecting nothing in the background and at distance.

The expectation of profit yielding relation
proves to be an agnostic revelation
that small and tiny transactions
take the cue from commerce leading to a frustration.



The Shadow

The shadow of you
comes always with you
be it in the front some times
be in the back at times.

Going by it you feel a fear
that some one is following behind
somebody closely watching you
being one of great apprehension.

Down the spine goes the shock
a drag of the happenings not right
an impression that everything is not well
sitting tightly on the mind.

The evil that one commits is like a shadow.
The devilish actions get reflected in the shadow.
The designs and trends gleam in the shadow
lending an uneasy feel proposed by the shadow.shadow


The Fishing Fish

The fish known for its softness

glides through the river in a distance

glimmering beautiful with rays falling

The movements of the fish being keenly watched

displaying a perfect momentum endorsed

a speed gentle and graceful.

Looking at its float in the rustling waters

going about in a timely sequence in rhythmic quarters

releasing a pleasure all too extensive.

The sleepy eyes exhibit a gentle kindness

benign and appeasing they stray with a tenderness

spreading a placid sobriety.

Calm be they in their composure

Peaceful they slip into the wavy treasure

Heavenly it is to perceive them.